About Alice

My name is Alice and I’m from Birmingham, UK. I’m a Hufflepuff and an INFJ-T. I graduated with a degree in Drama in 2016 and I currently work as a full-time team administrator for a large property company. I’m a huge fan of Disney, musicals and sausage dogs.

My blog is my output for the creative streak I’ve always had throughout my life. I love being able to share my passion for beauty with other people, particularly pointing people in the direction of great affordable beauty brands. I do also feature a sprinkling of other things on my blog such as lifestyle, travel, organisation and money-saving tips – there aren’t really any limits!

If you’d like to give me any feedback on my content or even just make a friend, I would love if you could contact me either on one of my social media platforms or via my contact form. If you’re a brand on the lookout for a blogger to collaborate with, you’re welcome to use my contact form or ping an email over to accordingtoalicex@gmail.com. I am happy to provide you with a media kit via email if you’d like to know information regarding my stats etc.


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