About Alice

Hey, I’m Alice! I’m a twenty-something Brummie who’s here to recommend you the most affordable, worth-your-money beauty products to help you save your pennies. I also promote the importance of looking after your own mental well-being, sharing ways to cope with the shittier times in life through my own personal experiences. Together, we can make ourselves and our bank balances happier!

I’m a Hufflepuff, an Aquarius and an INFJ-T. I graduated with a degree in Drama in 2016 and I’m a huge fan of Disney, musicals and sausage dogs. I also have a bit of a thing for pink, if you didn’t already guess.

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I want to work with you!

If you have any upcoming opportunities that you feel would suit my content or social media platforms, please send me and email with your proposition via accordingtoalicex@gmail.com. I accept both paid and gifted collaborations. If you would like to see my media kit or fees, I am happy to provide these on request.

Here are some examples of brands that I have previously worked with, to name a few.