Pinterest: How I Grew from 1k to 100k Monthly Viewers

June 10, 2019

I’ve been a Pinterest user for years, going all the way back to school when I’d sit pinning pretty and cute things. It was originally a place for me to plan out my future dream wedding and future outfit ideas. It wasn’t until recently that I actually realised I could use Pinterest to my blog’s advantage. I had seen it done by other bloggers but I had absolutely no idea where to even start in regards to my own blog. I know exactly how it feels to be completely in the dark in regards to different social platforms so I wanted to share how I got my head around Pinterest.

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So why are my Pinterest monthly views so important towards my blog traffic, you ask? The more likely it is that your pin will pop up in someone’s feed, the more users that are likely to click through the links to visit your blog. The easiest way I got my head around this was to consider Pinterest as a search engine rather than a social media platform. There are various ways you can make your pins as searchable as possible, making them show up on the feeds of a larger audience.

My number one huge source of help was Vix Meldrew’s Pinterest podcasts. I’d genuinely still be completely lost if I hadn’t listened to these so I would strongly recommend listening to them with a pen and paper in hand, taking lots of notes as there’s so many useful tips. Therefore, I can’t take any personal credit for the initial tips mentioned in this post as they’re all influenced by the super helpful Vix. These are just some of the things I personally found most useful from the podcast that I’m sharing with you to give you a good place to start.

Use Keywords Wherever You Can

The number one first thing I did was edited my username and biography as none of it actually had anything to do with my blog. What I didn’t realise was that these two simple looking things can quickly become an easy goldmine for traffic to your content if you include relevant keywords. First of all, you should definitely include the name of your blog so that anyone searching for your content can easily recognise it. I’ve also included ‘beauty & lifestyle blogger’ and ‘make-up looks’ within my title name as this is the most prominent content I blog about. If someone is specifically searching for make-up tips or looks, they’re now 1000% more likely to come across my Pinterest than if I just had ‘Alice’ as my title. Think about what you consider to be one or two of the broad niches on your blog (eg. make-up, fashion, lifestyle or food) and incorporate these into your own title.

Your biography is another perfect way to get some keywords in, increasing the likelihood of you popping up in peoples’ searches. Here’s where you can pick out a few slightly more specific phrases that are worth mentioning to give users an idea of what sort of content they can be expecting. For example, ‘make-up’ as a genre can stem out into ‘make-up looks’, ‘make-up tutorials’ and ‘make-up tips’ to narrow things down for users that are searching for something more specific. If you need inspiration for some popular keyword searches, just type a broad term (in this case, make-up) into the Pinterest search bar and pick out a couple of the most popular related searches.

In order to increase the popularity of your pins, it’s really important that you fill in the title and description whenever you create a new pin. Again, if my pin is related to make-up then I’ll pick out the top few related searches and include these keywords in the description. This is another way that you can specify things a little more to attract different niches, so instead of make-up you could have ‘pale make-up’, ‘make-up for beginners’ or ‘make-up for sensitive skin.’ Try to include these keywords organically within a few sentences just as you would with a meta description on a blog post.

Organise Your Boards Into More Specific Sections

The wannabe organiser inside me was absolutely dumbfounded to realise that you can create sections within your boards on Pinterest. I was even more shocked at how easy this was and wondering how I had never noticed this feature before. If you go onto one of your boards, click the ‘organise’ button and then select some pins, you can move these into their own section to make everything way easier to find. For example, I’ve now got loads of different sections inside my ‘food’ board so that if I’m looking specifically for a pasta, rice or noodle dish, I can really easily find this without sifting through hundreds of pins. This is the same for anyone visiting your boards and is also another great way to slip in them specific keyword searches.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Hashtags

Taking into account all this mentioning of keywords, one question on my mind was whether hashtags are useful to use. These are a particularly big thing on Instagram where you can use up to 30 super specific hashtags to direct traffic your way. I often feel like I’m trying to crack some sort of intricate code when it comes to hashtags on the ‘gram, however thankfully this is one of the things that’s so much easier over on Pinterest. Although hashtags are used, they’re only really just being introduced so the best ones to use are still pretty basic (think #makeup, #lifestyle, #food etc). I don’t know about you but this was such a relief to learn; in the future things might get a little more tricky but for now, I’m happy that hashtags are something a little easier to grasp on Pinterest in comparison to other social platforms.

Use Feature Boards

This is another feature that I had no idea was a thing until I listened to Vix’s podcasts. It’s another task that is pretty easy to complete yet extremely effective towards gaining traffic. Go onto your profile and into your settings (the three dots), head to the ‘edit profile’ tab and scroll to the bottom where it says ‘featured boards.’ Click ‘edit’ on the right and this will take you to a separate page where you can choose up to five boards to feature. These will be the first boards to appear in a slider at the top of your page. I’ve chosen to feature the ones that are most relevant to my blog (a board specifically for my blog pins, make-up, hair inspo and blogging tips) as these boards are where most of my blog content features. This means that anyone visiting your page will see your content before any other pins and in return, should improve the traffic to your blog.

Pinterest’s 100 Upcoming Trends

At the beginning of every year, Pinterest releases a demographic of what they deem will be the 100 most popular upcoming trends for the year. This is a pdf that is split into different categories such as beauty, parenting and travel for you to pick out themes that are relevant to the content you produce. This is a great way to help you produce new blog content that will do well in the Pinterest world. For example, if you’re a travel blogger then one of the predicted trends for this is Autumn vacations so you could create a post on your top five Autumn destinations. Keeping on board with these trends and posting blog content relating to them, promoting them on Pinterest with all of those juicy keywords will really help to increase your blog traffic.

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Do you have any Pinterest tips of your own?

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3 responses to “Pinterest: How I Grew from 1k to 100k Monthly Viewers”

  1. JadesWay says:

    I have never understood how to use Pinterest for my blog! Definately going take some of these tips on board and change up my Pinterest a little!xo

  2. marie aygat says:

    I mean it took me years to just realise ( thanks to your blog post above) that you can leave hastag on Pinterest so hopefully my Pinterest view will grow from like 1.5k a month (lol) to hopefully a bit more than that. Thanks for all your tips.

  3. Kim says:

    These are some great tips that I’m definitely going to implement. I’ve used Pinterest for my own searches but not so much my blog.

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