How to Channel Your Inner Girl Boss as a Regular Woman*

May 15, 2019

*AD – gifted: products marked with * were gifted to me in exchange for a review

Something I’ve felt a bit drowned in for a while now is the whole idea of being a Girl Boss. Plenty of women on my social media platforms are doing amazingly, seeing the world and living out their dream careers. I often feel like in comparison, I’m a little bit of a Plain Jane which can be pretty detrimental to my mental health at times. So, I decided to create my own list of ways that I achieve #GirlBoss mode in my own little way.

Wear Things That Boost Your Confidence

One of the biggest things that gives me confidence and makes me feel sassy is wearing things that I love. For me, this can be in the form of applying a bold red lip, curling my hair or wearing an outfit that flatters my curvy figure. One of my other go-to options is to wear my favourite colour – pink. I have pink make-up products, pink clothing and pink accessories that I love to put on to give myself a splash of colour and brighten my appearance as well as my mood. My newest addition to my ever-growing collection of pink things are these Averies Round* glasses that were very kindly gifted to me by Glasses Shop.

I have previously worked with Glasses Shop where I reviewed a pair of their cat eye glasses. I was over the moon when they asked to collaborate with me again as I’d had my eye on these light pink glasses for a while. They’re absolutely right up my street and are definitely going to be one of the main things I reach for when I want to channel girl boss mode. If pink isn’t your thing, the Averies Round style is available in black and blue as well. Alternatively, they have plenty of other styles available on their website and you can customise any pair with whatever prescription you require. I had this pair fitted with blue cut lenses which help to protect your eyes if you regularly use devices such as smartphones, computers and tables. It filters out the harmful blue light that is included in these types of technologies. This is perfect for me as I work in an office as well as blogging in my spare time so I’m glued to screens a lot of the time. No harm in some extra protection!

If you’re interested in grabbing a pair of your own specs from Glasses Shop, I have a couple of discount codes just to make things even better. You can use the code FIRSTFREE to get your first pair of glasses completely free from a select range and GSHOT50 to get 50% off any purchases after that.

Have A Go-To Motivational Playlist

Music is definitely a go-to for me to uplift my mood. I have a few different Spotify playlists that I like to stick on when I’m walking to work. Does anyone else get a bit of a sassy walk on when they listen to certain songs? For me it’s artists like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande that make me feel empowered as they have so many mood boosting tunes. I’ve inserted a couple of my favourite positive vibes playlists below but I’d love to hear some of your own go-to songs at the end.

Practice Self-Care On A Daily Basis

One way to consistently make yourself feel good is to practice different methods of self-care on a daily basis. Whether it’s watching your favourite film, having a candlelit bath or getting a good night’s sleep, it’s so important to take care of number one every single day. Practicing self-care every day isn’t often the easiest thing when we’re super busy or our thoughts are consumed by other things, but even if you develop the habit of taking ten minutes a day to do something nice for yourself it’ll be so beneficial towards your mental well-being.

Plan Things Using Methods That Suit You

In the past, I’ve often felt like I have to adhere to a certain way of keeping organised. So many people update their diaries on a daily basis and have a proper timetable – massive props to anyone who keeps this up but it honestly makes me feel even more stressed. I’ve never been good at updating a diary and just end up panicking even more because it’s another thing I haven’t managed to complete. I’ve managed to find my own way to keep my brain organised which other people might scream at but it’s what works for me. I honestly just write all of my brain ramblings and important dates into notes on my phone, to anyone else it probably looks the opposite of organised but this is just the best way for me. It’s totally okay to go against what everyone else is doing sometimes, you can be a Girl Boss in your own type of way.

Choose Your Priorities

When you’ve got a never-ending list of tasks to complete, this is super overwhelming as you never know where to even start. This often makes me procrastinate even harder because I feel like I’ll never get it done anyway. The key is to prioritise things; I always write down a list of everything and then go back and number them all from ‘must do ASAP’ to ‘can wait until my head feels a little less like it’s going to explode.’ Just focus on one task at a time to your best ability, being a Girl Boss doesn’t mean you have to miraculously be superhuman too.

How do you channel your inner Girl Boss?

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6 responses to “How to Channel Your Inner Girl Boss as a Regular Woman*”

  1. Dress to make yourself feel good and a motivation playlist are literally things that I do too!!

  2. Haley says:

    I love this! It is a good reminder to do things that make you feel confident and do things that work for you! So often I find myself fighting my instincts to do what I feel is best, thanks for the great reminder!

  3. I love feeling super sassy in an outfit! One of my absolute favourite things and it’s so unbelievably under-rated as it really makes you shine. I’m actually the complete other way around with organisation, for some reason I much prefer hand writing things to on my phone! I like having physical to do lists and diaries as I think in the past when I have kept things on my phone, I’ve either broken my phone consequently losing my diary/schedule or every time I go to look at my to do list on my phone I get distracted by messages or emails or facebook or instagram etc… Which is obviously totally unproductive! I also like the satisfaction of scribbling out something when I’ve done it hehe. Self-care is definitely super important. You can’t perform your best if you don’t feel your best! Even having 10 minutes to just sit and reflect on the day or watching an episode of your favourite programme helps. My ultimate self-care thing is getting my roots done, that always makes me feel like a boss ass bitch when I have fresh blonde locks!
    Alice Xx

  4. I’m with you on the outfit one – I love to put on an outfit that channels my mood for the day (I wouldn’t say I have one specific style of dressing, it’s all dependent on what I want to be that day). I also love to make a list of everything I’ve achieved at work (still need to apply this to home/blog life) as it helps me see what I’m actually capable of and that I’m a girl boss at heart, just not in the conventional way! Loving the glasses as well by the way! ❤️❤️

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