My Prom Survival Tips*

May 14, 2019

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It’s been a little longer than a hot minute since I attended my prom (more like 8 years, but who’s counting?). I’ve always been a bit introverted and I get especially nervous or panicky when there’s any sort of special event coming up. I’m worried about whether I’ll look okay, whether I’ll do something embarrassing and how bad the photos will turn out. All of these worries are so unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, so these are some of my prom survival tips that I’d definitely take on board if I were to relive mine. If you’ve got prom coming up or another special event, hopefully this helps you out!

Try Not To Be Camera Shy

The below photo of me is the only photo I personally kept from my prom as I was far too unhappy with how I looked in the rest of them. I can’t honestly believe I’m putting these eyebrows onto the Internet but we all learn from our beauty mistakes. It’s such a shame as I went with a whole group of friends where we took loads of photos but you can tell I feel uncomfortable because I’m so worried about how I look. I wish I could tell past me that it didn’t matter!

Coming from someone who felt super self conscious when it came to prom night, I really wish that I had just cared less. Now that I look back years later, I wish I had just embraced the camera a little bit more as I’d love to have the memories to physically look back on. Trust me, I understand more than anyone that you might be worried about looking bad in photos and wanting to hide away but it’s so much more fun to get involved – fake that confidence if you have to! Plus with all of this amazing technology nowadays, there’s plenty of ways you can share all of your fun snaps with your friends. There’s a website called Wedding Photo Swap which is an online wedding photo sharing* app that was primarily made for wedding guests to share photos of the big day with each other. However, this can easily be used for other types of events as well and would be perfect if you’ve got a prom coming up so that you can all reminisce on a great evening together afterwards.

Plan Your Hair and Make-Up Ahead of Time

Something I always do if I’ve got any sort of big event coming up is plan my outfit in advance as well as what I’ll be doing with my hair and make-up. I’ll even go as far as to practice the hairstyle or make-up look if I’m thinking of experimenting with something different. This takes away so much stress from the actual day as you’ve already practiced it and things are way less likely to go wrong. If you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve been a huge Pinterest user for years and always refer to it when I need some style inspiration. There’s also plenty of blogs and video tutorials that feature prom hair styles* and make-up looks for you to choose from.

Take A Break If You Feel Overwhelmed

I suffer from anxiety which becomes especially challenging when it comes to social events. It can be super overwhelming being around a large group of people and in a loud environment. I struggled with this back when it was my prom and I still struggle with it now, particularly in places such as nightclubs and concerts. One very important thing that I always remind myself of is that it’s okay to take yourself away for a little break if you need to. Whether it’s sitting in a toilet cubicle for a little bit to take some deep breaths or heading outside into the open air, this really helps me to calm down if I’m starting to feel like things are a bit much.

Have Fun!

Image credit: Amy Kate

If you’re taking the other tips on board, this part should come without trying but the main thing is just to enjoy yourself and create happy memories! Even if your hair doesn’t go perfectly despite all of that practicing, don’t fret and just enjoy your evening. I definitely sound like an old woman saying this but you will look back on days like your prom when you’re older and be able to smile because of the happy memories. Have a boogie with your friends, regardless of whether you can actually dance or not (I definitely can’t) and have the best night!

Do you have any prom survival tips of your own?

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  1. My top tip would be not to wear heels that you’re going to take off an hour into the night 😂 My dress was altered to fit the height of my heels so when I took them off, I was walking round all night bare foot with a dress that I kept stepping on… Another tip would also be to pick a dress that represents you if you can and try not to be swayed by parents/family preferences as I look back at my dress now and think how not me it was. I’d love to dress up all fancy again sometime but I guess that’s what weddings and being a bridesmaid is for! I’d definitely get my makeup done by someone else as well as looking back I didn’t really feel that special which I think everyone should on their prom. Totally agree about the camera shy thing though, although I’m not a big fan of how I look in my prom pics they hold some lovely memories!
    Alice Xx

  2. Ahh prom, mine was 11 years ago (Vom) and there wasn’t such thing as beauty gurus showing you how to do your makeup – mine was honestly hideous 😂 but I think the best tip I have is to not worry about what everyone else looks like, because you’ll have your whole life ahead of you and your wedding day for a glow up! But if I had the chance again, I know I’d do it all the same, because it was the end of an era and the start of my life into adulthood. Great post Al 😘❤️❤️

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