Affordable Shower Essentials with Bath & Soaps*

May 11, 2019

*AD – gifted: products marked with * were gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

I do really love a nice long soak in the Winter (although I no longer own a bath, sob), however in the Summer I’m very much a lukewarm or cold shower kind of girl. In the warmer seasons, I love anything that smells fruity, fresh and invigorating. The thing is, I’ve become pretty stingy when it comes to buying shower products now. I see bottles of soap priced so ridiculously high and I just can’t justify it so I’ve been on the lookout for more affordable options.

I was recently contacted by Shamir from a brand called Bath & Soaps. You may not have heard of this brand before as it’s pretty new but I’m really rooting for it to grow bigger as they have some amazing products. A young couple owns the company as well as raising a toddler at the same time (huge props for that!) and I was delighted that they reached out to me to review some of their goods. They do a wide variety of bath and shower products such as bath bombs, essential oils and soap loafs for very reasonable prices. I’ve come to realise that a lot of similar competing brands seem to be boosting their prices up to extortionate rates to the point that I feel like I’m literally washing my money straight down the plughole. I love supporting smaller businesses and Bath & Soaps are a perfect example as well as being a lot more reasonably priced.

I was really eager to try some of their Artisan soap slices as there’s so many lovely scents to choose from, I felt a bit spoiled for choice. I spotted cinnamon & orange whilst having a browse; I’m definitely keeping it as a mental note for Autumn/Winter time as I think it would be perfect for that season. My eyes immediately jumped to the watermelon scented slice as it’s one of my absolute favourite scents and it has some really vibrant, funky colours going on so I decided I just had to go for it. I also chose the vanilla slice and the Aloe vera slice; I very consistently go for vanilla scented products but I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried anything with Aloe Vera in so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The Artisan Soap Slices are priced at £4.95 each so they tick my ‘under a fiver’ box. However, I’ve been loving them so much that I’d be tempted to splash out even more for them as they’re so worth the money. These soaps don’t contain parabens or SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate); this is a foaming agent that is found in many shampoos and soaps, however SLS can be quite harsh on your skin if you suffer from skin conditions such as acne or eczema. If this applies to you, these soaps are a great alternative. They also contain vegetable oils which provide many benefits to the skin. They’re emollient so they reduce your skin’s barrier capacity, allowing more moisturising ingredients to penetrate your skin.

The watermelon and vanilla slices both contain coconut oil which helps to moisturise and protect your skin, perfect for Summer as it’s always sensible to get as much protection as you can for your skin during the warmer weather. The Aloe vera slice targets more sensitive skin with its soothing properties which is perfect for me as my legs are prone to sensitivity, particularly after shaving. Overall, I’ve been really loving using all three of these soap slices so far. They all honestly smell absolutely incredible and I always feel silky smooth after using them.

If soap slices aren’t really your thing, there’s plenty of other bath and shower products to choose from. If you’re more of a bath bomb lover, there’s a huge range of scents from grande latte to baby powder. Some of their bath bombs contain salts that target different things such as stress, period pains and cold and flu symptoms which I think is such a great idea. They also do bath bomb souffles which I think look particularly cool, if I owned a bath I’d definitely go for the orangeade one. The products that make me most sad about not having a bath in my home is the Just Desserts range, I’m such a sucker for anything sweet scented so fragrances like angel delight and banoffee pie are right up my street. I’m hoping that they might extend these scents to the Artisan soap slices in the future so that I can try them out in the shower (hint, hint).

If you are interested in purchasing some goodies from Bath & Soaps, you can use my discount code for 10% off your purchase. Just use the code AH10 during checkout!

What would you like to try out most from Bath & Soaps?

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  1. Oh my goodness Al, this brand look bloody amazing!! I’ve just had a nose on their website after this post and there are SO many products I’d love to try. The mega fizz hearts and the jumbo bath bombs look so awesome. Chocolate and orange, lavender and marjoram and lemongrass and mandarin are some of my favourite sounding scents 😍 how dreamy! It’s my birthday in just under two weeks so I’m very tempted to treat myself to a bomb or two hehe. Jake would absolutely adore the watermelon slice, he’s such a sucker for that scent and the other two sound so lush, too. I always find aloe vera products smell surprisingly amazing as I always assumed they’d be earthy/planty!
    Alice Xx

    • Ooh if you do end up trying anything you’ll have to let me know! I’ve added a discount code to the bottom of the post since you commented which will save you a few quid if you do decide you want to try anything out 🙂 Yeah I’ve actually been reaching for the Aloe Vera bar the most since I got the soaps, it smells so fresh and lovely which is surprising as I thought I’d like it the least honestly xx

  2. I love the sound of the soaps for a good old summer shower – I’m the same in the summer when I just want to cool off in a lukewarm/cold one with something fruity to wake me up – the vanilla Artisan soap sounds right up my alley (sucker for anything vanilla scented!) and I love that they’re reasonably priced too! I couldn’t bear to think about paying more than a fiver for something that’s going to go down the drain (literally lol). A great post and I’m really rooting for this company! ❤️❤️

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