How To Create A Gorgeous Home

April 29, 2019

Today’s post is written by an external author and features some great tips on giving your home some perfect finishing touches. There’s some especially useful tips about using natural lighting which is perfect with Summer coming up!

With all of these home decor Instagram posts, it’s easy to think that everyone is already living in their perfect home environment. Of course, this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are still plenty folks that could do with a helping hand in making their home just that little bit more gorgeous. Luckily, that is something that can I help with in the post below.


When it comes to creating a gorgeous home, it’s crucial to consider whereabouts you are placing things so that you are using the available space to your best ability without it seeming cluttered.

What this means is that before you invest in a piece of furniture such as a bed, a cabinet or even a sofa, you need to carefully measure and get a sense of what it will be like in the room. Of course, if you’re not so great at imagining things it can help to use an AR app that will allow you to see a 3D representation of the furniture item in your actual home before you purchase it.

It’s also smart to educate yourself on how different colours, patterns and even the arrangement of items can affect the feeling of space in your home. This is something that you can read more about in interior design posts like this one here.


Our homes aren’t just the four walls that surrounds us but the value that they contain as well. Now, I’m not saying that clutter and hoarding is the way to happiness but you certainly will want your most valuable and sentimental items close to you or out on display for your house to truly feel like home.

Of course, it’s also worth making sure that your home and the items within it are well protected and covered in case of damage or even theft. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get something like a Geico insurance quote to see how much protecting all your most precious possessions will cost.  This is omething that can be fantastic for promoting peace of mind and allows you to not only enjoy your gorgeous home but relax in it as well.


Finally, light is also a significant factor when creating an aesthetically pleasing home and you need to get it just right. Of course, we humans have a preference for natural light so that means making the most of window and skylights.

Happily, it’s not too hard to do this even if your windows are a tad smaller than you would prefer. In fact, the first step is to remove any heavy or dark curtains or window treatment like blinds from the area. Replace those with lighter fabrics and textures to allow the maximum amount of light in and help to reflect it all around your room.

Image credit: Milly Eaton

While it’s always nice to display items on your windowsill, be careful of overloading and cluttering this space. The reason being that this can act as a block to the light getting in and make your room seem darker than it actually is. This isn’t great if you are aiming for gorgeous rather than dull!

Do you have any of your own home decor tips?

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4 responses to “How To Create A Gorgeous Home”

  1. I do love natural light but I find that light curtains wake me up SO early in Summer so I’d definitely need blinds or something underneath them, too! As for space, it’s something I’m really bad at as I’m definitely a clutter kind of person. I personally really like my arrangement with clutter though, I just need to learn how to get rid of things when they’re not really serving me a purpose anymore instead of piling them up! I love putting big mirrors in rooms to reflect light and make the room feel bigger and more spacious!
    Alice Xx

    • I love having blinds, it means you can let the perfect amount of light through. I used to be exactly the same, I had SO much clutter but now that I’ve cleared things out, it feels like one less thing to stress about if that makes sense. I try to keep things down to a minimum now but I absolutely love your room, it reflects your personality especially with your huge skull collection! xx

  2. I love me some natural light and think if you’re after a light and airy feel, you need to decorate with light reflective colours – my entire flat is painted variations of white and cream (with a couple of feature walls that aren’t) so that it would be brighter and I definitely think it makes a difference! Xx

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