Tips for Securing Brand Collaborations as a Micro Blogger*

April 24, 2019

*AD – paid collaboration: this post is written in collaboration with Get Blogged. I was financially compensated for this post. All opinions and views are my own.

Right from the beginning of starting my blog, it has never been about views, making money or getting sent free stuff. However, it’s definitely nice to feel that people enjoy reading your content and will consistently come back to read more. It’s also a great feeling knowing that a brand likes your work enough to collaborate with you. Unfortunately, it can be quite tricky to secure brand work as micro blogger* because realistically, the industry seems to be dominantly about follower counts and big numbers. Since becoming a blogger almost two years ago, I’ve worked with over 30 different brands and have established some great brand relationships. I thought I would share some of my tips for anyone who is looking to make genuine connections within the blogging world and develop their blog further. I’m absolutely by no means any kind of expert, this is just what I’ve learnt from experience!

Join Groups & Mailing Lists

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There are a lot of different places all around the Internet where you can join things like groups, pages and mailing lists that consistently provide you with new blogging opportunities. I have two particular go-to websites for this, the first being Get Blogged*. This is a blogger outreach service* and it’s a great way to establish relationships with different brands as well as earn some money through your hard work. There are lots of different opportunities available depending on your DA (Domain Authority) so there’s something for everyone, no matter what DA bracket you fall into. All you do is create a profile on their website which is really quick and easy, providing your blog and social media links so they can see your current stats and provide you with opportunities that fit your blog. I have my email notifications turned on so that whenever a new job comes up, I can read through it straight away and apply for it if I’m interested. You’re not bound into any sort of contract so you can just pick up whatever jobs you feel are suitable for you. Everything is stated clearly in each job brief including the fee you will be paid, any key words or links you will need to provide and any other relevant guidelines so you know exactly what you’re applying for. I’ve already had a fair few opportunities from Get Blogged so far and I would definitely recommend to any bloggers looking to establish brand relationships.

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Another go-to for me has got to be Facebook, there are so many different groups you can join where new opportunities are posted on their feeds regularly. There are different groups depending on what area you live in so you can be aware of opportunities or events local to you or there are just generic groups targeted at bloggers and brands to allow them to connect with each other. Again, I’ve picked up many of my brand work through these pages and it’s another perfect way to establish relationships within the industry. Two of my most-used groups are UK Influencer Opportunities and Birmingham Bloggers UK as these are both updated very regularly and always have a lot of relevant opportunities that are suitable for my type of content.

Be Transparent

It’s incredibly important to properly disclose anything you work on, whether it be a paid collaboration, gifted items, a free event or something else. Not only is it now against the law to not disclose brand work but it’s also really dishonest to your readers. I think one of the greatest things about micro influencers is that for the majority, we’re seen as a credible source of information by our readers. This is not to say that big influencers are all vicious liars because there are plenty of successful and trustworthy people in the industry. However, I do think it’s really beneficial for brands to work with a mix of bigger and less well-known bloggers to meet their marketing objectives as although we are only small, we can definitely be mighty. Although my blog is only small, I know plenty of people who have bought products because of my reviews as they have learnt to trust my judgement through my (sometimes brutal) honestly.

Create A Media Kit & Pitch to Brands

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One of the biggest things I had to learn about pitching to brands is not to be afraid of being ignored or rejected. It’s important when looking for brands to work with that you’re not afraid to put yourself out there and talk yourself up. One of the most professional ways to do this is by creating or buying a media kit; I made my own using Canva but there are also a wide range of people who can create one for you for a small fee. A media kit usually includes all of your relevant stats such as views and follower counts, social media platforms, previous work and anything else you think might look impressive. I like to include a couple of my favourite photos I’ve taken of products or make-up looks just to give an example of what I can do. Again, don’t be afraid to talk yourself up and write a little ‘about me’ section where you can talk about your relevant skills.

Once you have your media kit, you can search for contact emails which are usually just available on their website. Alternatively, you can try reaching out through any social media platforms the brands may have. Don’t be scared of rejection, just bite the bullet and get your name out there – you never know who might be interested!

Know Your Worth

Although it’s obviously amazing to be offered opportunities, it’s also okay to say no. You must remember your worth, even if you only have a small following you’re still a reliable source. At the end of the day, you’re providing a service and this is always worth something. Unfortunately, there’s a number of people who take advantage of creative individuals and try to get free work out of them. Just remember that you’re putting your own time and efforts into this so you deserve to be reimbursed for this just as you would in any other job.

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You also don’t need to take up every single opportunity, if it’s not relevant to your content or you’re not enjoying producing something then don’t feel obliged to post it if you’re not happy. If you’re sent products to review but aren’t happy with them, let the brand know in a constructive way – more often than not, your honesty will be appreciated and actually strengthen your relationship with the brand as you’re communicating clearly with them.

Do you have any of your own tips for micro bloggers?

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6 responses to “Tips for Securing Brand Collaborations as a Micro Blogger*”

  1. This was such a helpful post Al! I’d never heard of Get Blogged before so clicked and signed up before I got to the end of reading your post as I trust your opinion – I’m excited to see what comes my way as it’s been a pretty dry run for me lately! I deffo need to create a new media lit as it’s been a loooong time since I last did one and should be pitching to brands more now, I bloody love writing collaborative or sponsored content as it can sometimes be a challenge or out of my comfort zone! Thank you for this 😘❤️❤️

    • I hope you find it useful, I absolutely love it! I just applied for a few more new campaigns today so fingers crossed as some of them sound really exciting. You’ll have to let me know how you get on. Yeah I need to update mine too as it’s a few months out of date, oops. I completely agree, it opens your mind to loads more ideas and helps you to branch out a little bit more! xx

  2. Kim says:

    This is a great post. I’ve had a few brand collaboration offers that insist on a do-follow link and I’m never sure what to do. I’ve declined them so far due to Google’s guidelines but have wondered if there are any loopholes? Get Blogged is a great resource for bloggers looking for opportunities and I also use Facebook. I haven’t created a media kit yet, as I’m not really sure where to start? I’ll definitely check out Canva.

    • You just have to do what you feel is right for you, I honestly don’t know too much about no-follow/do-follow links but I always make sure I’m transparent if I’m being paid to place links. I’m loving Get Blogged, they just posted quite a few new opportunities as well which is exciting. Honestly Canva is amazing! If you need any help just let me know x

  3. I’ve been meaning to sign up to Get Blogged for AGES but this post finally gave me a kick up the backside and I’ve finally registered! I’m always looking for paid ops now I’m trying to freelance but I TOTALLY agree that you don’t have to and shouldn’t accept every opportunity. If it doesn’t fit with your schedule, your ethics or branding, it’s too low paid or you’re just personally not feeling it then turn it down! So many times I’ve had brands reach out and offer me ridiculous “”payment”” (one person actually wanted me to write an entire post including their sites link and no gifting item for $5 – which is about £3). Honestly one tip I’d give is to network as much as you can!! As well as finding some amazing friendships (hint hint), the people you genuinely connect with will more than likely recommend you for opportunities when possible, too!
    Alice Xx

    • Aw yay, you’ll have to let me know your thoughts on it! Yeah I really love how you can pick and choose what you want to take part in rather than having stuff shoved down your throat. That is so ridiculous!! It’s a shame as some people would probably do it, I wish people would realise that their time is money and they’re worth more than that. I definitely agree with networking, I’d love to get the chance to go to more events. And making great friendships has definitely been a HUGE plus, hehe! xx

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