How To Have A Stubble-Free, Smooth Summer*

April 9, 2019

*AD – gifted: this post contains products that were gifted to me in exchange for a review

The one thing I really hate spending money on is razors. I know it’s awful but I can’t be the only one that’s used the same blade for way longer than they’re meant to, even when it’s clearly gone blunt. Razors just seem to be one of those things that I always forget to pick up replacement blades for, no matter how many times I venture into Superdrug and get distracted by make-up. One of my favourite feelings is getting into bed with freshly exfoliated, shaved and moisturised legs and yet I never invest enough time and effort into it.

I had seen a few people on my Instagram and Twitter feeds mentioning subscription shaving services and I thought this was absolutely genius. I decided to get in contact with Friction Free Shaving as I absolutely loved the look of everything they were offering on their website. They’re all about celebrating our bodies and taking care of them, raising an important point that we don’t shave already perfectly silky smooth legs so it’s important to look after our skin. They offer an initial gift set that includes a razor with a month’s worth of blades as well as different bottles of products for different stages of shaving, meaning you have a whole kit delivered through your letterbox.

Friction Free Shaving very kindly sent me one of their gift sets; this includes a pre-shave scrub, a shaving cream, a post-shave balm, four razor refills, a shower hook, a blade cover, a clamshell blade protector, a travel pouch and of course the actual razor handle. You can choose whether to have a rose coloured handle or a silver one depending on your preference. They also engraved my name into the handle which I thought was such a nice touch – this is something you can have done for free if you purchase the gift set.

The gift set is priced at £33 which I think is such a decent price considering you’re getting three full-sized products as well as everything else you could possibly need. Once you’ve paid the initial price, you can sign up for their monthly subscription service to keep getting sent replacement blades for £9 a month. Although the replacement blades for the razor I previously used were only a little bit more expensive than this, you’re getting them delivered straight to your door for no extra price. This service is perfect for me because I’ve recently taken up swimming so I’m constantly shaving my legs but always forgetting to pick up new blades. The Friction Free Shaving subscription service means that I don’t even have to think about it, I can just come home to fresh blades each month. The boxes are a letterbox friendly size so you don’t have to worry about being at home for the deliveries which is perfect for me as I work all week. You can also stop and start these deliveries at any time if you feel like you won’t use up the blades that quickly or if you’ve got a holiday coming up and won’t be at home.

As for the products included in the gift set, I’ve honestly never felt more silky smooth in my life. Now that I’m going swimming a few times a week, I definitely think the chlorine had started to take its toll on my skin as I was getting dry patches on my legs. I wasn’t using any kind of shaving cream or exfoliator previously either so my legs were very much in need of some love and care. The pre-shave scrub contains walnuts which provides a natural exfoliant (no micro-beads which is a huge plus for the ocean) and helps to prevent ingrown hairs and shaving spots, unblocks your pores and eliminates dry skin. All you do is massage a small amount into each leg before shaving and then rinse it off. I’ve definitely noticed a difference just from using this a couple of times, especially in areas that experience the most dryness with such as my ankles and knees.

The shaving cream contains Manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil which all help to soften your hairs and provide a closer, smoother shave. It also reduces friction which is perfect for me as the skin on my legs is quite sensitive, meaning if I’m in a bit of a rush then I can end up with a shaving rash. The thing I love most about this shaving cream is that it’s transparent so you can see exactly what you’re doing.

The post-shave balm is probably my favourite product out of the trio; it contains Manuka honey and cococa butter which help to reduce irritation as well as hydrating and soothing your skin. This has really helped to eliminate the sensitive and sore areas I was suffering from previously, I finally feel like I’m giving my legs some proper love. I’m absolutely obsessed with the smell of this balm, if I could bottle up the scent into a perfume then I’d be spraying it constantly. When you’ve ran out of these products, you can just add them onto your next monthly order along with your usual replacement blades for £6 per product. I think this is an amazing price considering the positive results I’ve experienced so far from using them. A little goes a long way with all three of the products as well so you won’t be constantly running out. I’ll definitely be purchasing them again once I’ve used them up.

If you’re interested in signing up to Friction Free Shaving, you can follow this link here. I also have a coupon code, ACCORDINGTOAL that you can apply into the coupon box during checkout to receive 25% off your first set of blades plus free engraving!

What’s your favourite shaving-related product?

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6 responses to “How To Have A Stubble-Free, Smooth Summer*”

  1. This set looks great! I always get sore legs when they start to grow back so should probably invest in something like this!

  2. I am honestly SO lazy when it comes to shaving my legs, the only season I really take any notice of them in is Summer and that’s usually only so I can get a (very slight) tan on them! I really do think a subscription like this would give me the kick up the bum I need to take better care of my legs as because I barely shave them, it means I barely moisturise or exfoliate them either. I never realised you’re meant to scrub your legs before shaving them, I’ve always done it the other way round, oops. I got Jake a shaving subscription for Christmas a year or two ago and he absolutely adored it, the engraved handle made him feel important as well which was cute. I love how these are much more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic ones, too. You’ve definitely sold this company to me Al!
    Alice Xx

    • I get really uncomfortable when my leg hair starts to come through, I just love the feeling of freshly shaved legs. It’s definitely way too much effort though. I wish my legs would tan, they only ever burn or stay ghostly white! It’s definitely helped me to enjoy shaving a little bit more as I love the smells of all the products and the results I get afterwards. I think I used to exfoliate the other way around as well! I just ended up using this first as it’s what the instructions said and it seems to really help with any dryness and irritation. Yeah I’m loving having my name on my razor to be honest, haha! xx

  3. Kim says:

    This gift set sounds perfect. I’m always forgetting to pick up razor blades when I’m out shopping, even when I need them. So this would definitely help. I love the little touch of having the handle engraved.

    • I know, it’s so annoying as I always forget when I’m out and then I’m kicking myself when I get home! Haha. It’s nice to not have to even think about it. That’s one of my favourite parts too! x

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