5 Steps for Better, Clearer Skin

April 1, 2019

Today I’m bringing you a post written by an external author that has really helped me combat some recent skin issues I’ve been having. If you’re oily like me, you’ll know how it can be a nightmare once the weather starts getting warmer. Here are some useful tips!

We can spend as much time as we like making sure our clothes and hair are on point, but if our skin is looking a little worse for wear, then we’re going to struggle to look our best. But if you’re one of those people that believe they’re destined to have skin that’s a little less clear than they’d like, then fear not — there are always ways to improve how it looks! Sometimes, the difference between faded and glowing skin is just a few small factors. Below, we take a look at five ways you can give your skin a nudge in the right direction.

Photo credit: Ximena Mora

Lifestyle Factors

The first thing to look at, when it comes to your skin, is your lifestyle. Those factors play a big role when it comes to how clean and fresh your skin looks. If you’re drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or not getting enough sleep, then you’re going to find that your skin always looks on the wrong side of the glowing/jaded line. Look at improving the healthiness of your lifestyle, even just a little bit, and you’ll begin to notice improvements.

In the Bathroom

You’re used to thinking of the bathroom as a place where you make yourself beautiful, but in actual fact, it could be the place where you do the most damage to your skin. That’s because people tend to go overboard, and treat their skin harshly. If you’re scrubbing your face too hard, then you’ll be getting rid of the dirt and the minerals that make your skin look fresh. Additionally, you might want to check your water. If it’s too hard, then it’ll be punishing your skin. And don’t make it too hot either — warm water will do the same job, and cold water is the best for your skin.

Additional Help

There are always ways to help your skin! It’s all about identifying the issue you’re having, and then finding the product or service that can help with that issue. If you’ve got overly dry skin, then there’ll be a moisturiser that’ll help you — it just might take some trial and error before you find the one that’s best for you. If you’ve got acne, then a treatment from Cosmex Clinic will be able to help you. Also, remember that not all cleansers are created equal — like the moisturiser, you’ll want to find one that works with your skin type.

Eating Well

You really are what you eat! If you’re eating overly greasy takeout food, then you can imagine what your skin is going to look like. If you’re eating foods that are good for your skin, it’s going to have that healthy glow. Make sure you’re making fatty fish, nuts, and plenty of fruits and vegetables part of your diet.

Stay Relaxed

Finally, it’s worthwhile learning the art of relaxation, be it through yoga, meditation, or anything else. Stress, anxiety, or having an overactive mind will all put pressure on your skin. A glowing mind will produce a glowing face!

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4 responses to “5 Steps for Better, Clearer Skin”

  1. These are all great tips! I always try not to go overboard with a ‘skincare routine’, as I find that this actually does more damage than good and I end up with way more spots?! Eating healthy is so important to having healthy looking skin, as is drinking predominantly/lots of water. This was an interesting read 🙂 xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    • They really are! I definitely need to keep reminding myself of them because sometimes I abandon my skin so badly, oops. Yeah you can definitely use too many things I reckon, it’s good to stick to what you know. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my skin from eating a little bit healthier, I’m so awful with keeping hydrated so I need to work on that! xx

  2. Looking after my skin is definitely something I’m trying to do more of, I’ve started taking Omega 3 supplements (I hate oily fish lol), added in some new items to my skincare routine and am trying to exercise more to get a better glow (and shed a few pounds 😂) – these tips are really helpful! ❤️❤️

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