Walking in the Sunshine: A Day Out You’ll Love

March 21, 2019

Today’s post is written by an external author and comes just in time as Spring is kicking in. Reading this post really made me want to go out into the countryside and walk for miles in the sun, snapping photos of nature along the way. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Walking is one of the best ways to get out into the sunshine and enjoy some fresh air. It doesn’t matter whether you are going out for a 20 minute stroll or an all-day ramble, any walking is good for the soul.

Getting out into nature is a great way to spend a weekend and there are some truly stunning walking routes around in the UK. You probably have a lovely walk right around the corner from you – even if you live in the city!

Dress For The Weather

Our climate is often changeable and while you might set out in bright sunshine, rain is always a threat. You should also consider that the temperature at the top of an exposed hill will be a little cooler than that of a forest route. Having a Pac a Mac in your pocket is a really good idea as it can be used to protect you from windchill as well as rain.

Layers are always advisable and a puffer jacket is a great way to regulate your temperature too. You should also wear sensible walking shoes that support your feet. Walking may not be too strenuous in a cardiovascular sense, but it pays to support your body properly.

Take Drinks and Snacks

While you are on your nature walk, it’s unlikely that you will be passing shops along the way. Taking a drink and a snack along with you should ensure that you keep your energy up and avoid potential dehydration. Please don’t drink from streams, however clean they look, without first purifying the water.

When you are packing your bag, you will want to carry as little bulk as possible. Choosing snacks that are calorie dense such as trail mix will reduce the size of your bag and provide you with the energy you need along the way. Of course, plenty of routes in the UK end in a good pub but it’s always smart to have some back-up food in case your walk takes a little longer than expected.

Plan Your Route

There are a lot of walking routes already available in the UK and rambling has been a popular pastime here for decades. A ready-made route is an easy way to ensure that your walk is the right sort of difficulty level for you and will give you fairly accurate timings too.

However, if you don’t have a ready-mapped walk nearby or you want to see a particular feature, you can quite easily map your own route. Do bear in mind that some land is restricted and you may not have the right of access so check before you set off. Similarly, if you are planning a coastal walk, you should check the tides to ensure safe passage.

As you get into walking, you will find that your fitness improves and you might even feel a little more optimistic and positive. Walking can have a quite magical effect and the more often you go, the more you will enjoy it.

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10 responses to “Walking in the Sunshine: A Day Out You’ll Love”

  1. I definitely need to walk more – you’d think that living right on a popular greenway that I’d get out more, but I don’t 🤭
    We have some gorgeous walkways in my town, it’s a little garden city so it’s full of beautiful nature walks! I feel a bit more motivated to go after reading this post! ❤️❤️

    • To be honest, I live like a five minute walk away from a big country park but I can’t even remember the last time I actually walked around there. I definitely need to go on more long walks when the weather gets a bit nicer, maybe take a picnic with me. It’s definitely motivated me to get out there more too! xx

  2. I love going for a walk, even if it’s just through the city. My go-to for a long walk has to be my headphones and a great playlist/podcast! x


    • It can be so relaxing, especially when the weather is quite nice. I think when it gets closer to Summer I might start going on more walks and listen to podcasts, that sounds like a great idea xx

  3. Kim says:

    I love going for a walk. These are some great items to bring with you, I’d also recommended proper walking shoes or boots to prevent blisters and other foot injuries.

    • I definitely don’t do it enough! Yeah that’s a definite must, there’s nothing worse than getting so far and having shoes that are rubbing you, knowing you’ve got to walk all the way back in them x

  4. I love walking so damn much, especially with someone I’m close to as it always ends in such a nice conversation and quality time with no distractions! I try and go on a decent length walk at least 5/7 days a week with Nacho as it really does lift my mood, productivity and energy levels as well as get her out for some exploring. I do usually take a drink and snacks with me on long walks if I know for sure there’s going to be nowhere to stop and grab anything but sometimes drinks can be quite heavy to carry! Cannot wait for Summer walks and picnics hehe.
    Alice Xx

    • I know exactly what you mean, I definitely want to try and go on more walks when the weather gets a bit nicer. See this is why I need a sausage dog, I’d go out walking all the time! Honestly I always forget to take a drink and then end up really thirsty, but they are quite annoying to carry at the same time. Picnics are the best! I plan to have lots in Summer xx

  5. I love walking and stumbling across little hidden gems! Snacks and a drink are like number one priority for me, as I’m always hungry.. They help keep up your energy levels too! If you’re walking in the UK, it’s definitely a good idea to pack layers as you never know when the weather might turn!xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    • Me too! It’s so fun to go exploring. I love taking a picnic with me in the Summer, but yeah you can never quite trust British weather so I always try to remember to have a cardigan or something with me just in case xx

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