5 Ways to Brighten up Your Home for Spring*

March 19, 2019

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m one of those people that forever wants to change things around the home. I get used to things very quickly and always want to bring in something new to keep myself from getting bored of my surroundings. I’ve already got plans to brighten up my home for Spring, that might be a little premature of me considering it’s currently tipping it down as I’m writing this but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Whether you’re looking to make some big changes or just little alterations, hopefully you’ll find some of these tips useful.

Sky Lights & Lantern Roofs

Back in September when I was looking for places to rent, one of the main things that attracted me to the home I eventually chose was the huge sky light in the kitchen. It really brightens up the room and makes it appear so much bigger. If you’re looking to have something similar in your own home, Three Counties* offer fittings of lantern glass roofs that are really similar to sky lights but look a little more extravagant. They offer lots of different designs such as golden oak, rosewood and mahogany to fit in with the current style of your home. I’d personally go for a classic white design as I think it looks really bright and clean, perfect for freshening up a room. If you are genuinely considering adding a glass roof into your home, Three Counties offer free consultations in your home to give you a proper idea of the expenses you’ll be looking at.

Photo credit: Three Counties
Photo credit: Three Counties

Neutral with a Splash of Colour

I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to home design ideas and a recurring theme is definitely neutral toned rooms with splashes of colour. For me, I find that flooding a room with too many different colours can make it feel noisy and overcrowded. I like to keep it simple, using white or grey for the walls, floors and furniture and then introducing colour in the smaller details. For Spring, I’m really loving splashes of yellow at the moment as I’ve always associated it with warmth and happiness, surrounding the home with some positive vibes. My bedroom currently has a grey and blush pink theme as they’re two of my favourite colours. I genuinely think that surrounding yourself with the colours you love the most can really have a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Flowers & Succulents

Even just a simple bouquet of flowers can be a great way to uplift a room. They’re another great way to add a splash of colour and brighten things up. It’s perfect for injecting some of the outdoor Springtime into the home, maintaining that “Spring is in the air” feeling indoors. You could go for something loud and proud like a huge centerpiece bouquet on your kitchen table, or scatter some small succulents around for a more subtle approach. Flowers can really bring a room together more than you might imagine; if you treat yourself regularly to fresh bouquets, you can keep trying out different types and colours of flowers which helps to steer away from being monotonous as you’ve got lots of variety.

Shuffle Around the Furniture

Rearranging items of furniture in the home can really transform the way a room feels. It might seem like a huge task, especially if you’ve got bulky and heavy items but you’d be surprised what a difference it can make. Changing rooms around to fit with the seasons is a great way to look at it. In the Winter, you might want your sofas closer to the fire and the TV to bring a sense of cosiness. Throughout Spring and Summer, it helps to move items away from big windows and doors as it streams more natural light in and opens up the space. Plus it gives a better view of the outdoors which is particularly effective when the weather is nice. This is also a great chance to do a deep clean, getting into places that you wouldn’t usually reach when cleaning normally and getting rid of clutter that you no longer want.

Open the Patio Doors

Having patio doors is another great way to really open up a room and help the outside stream indoors. If the rooms towards the back of your house are feeling a little small and dingy, I would definitely consider getting some large patio doors as you’d be amazed how much it can transform that little space. The natural lighting in the room increases rapidly, making it so much brighter and fresher. These are perfect during the warmer seasons as you can leave the doors open for the Summer breeze to ventilate throughout the whole house. For those relaxing garden days it provides easy movement between the garden and the home – I definitely wish we had more days like these!

Have you made any changes to your home?

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6 responses to “5 Ways to Brighten up Your Home for Spring*”

  1. We’re quite limited in what we can do as we rent a one bedroom flat on the top floor which isn’t tiny, but definitely cramped with two people (one of which is a fisherman that can’t leave his gear out in the van at night).
    I can’t wait to have a house with patio doors and a fireplace – super cosy and fresh at the same time! ❤️❤️

  2. We have a conservatory and then a wall of tinted glass in our living room so we get quite a lot of natural light which is nice! It would be nice to have bigger doors on the conservatory, though. I wish I could move the furniture around in my room but it wouldn’t all fit in any other way which sucks and to be honest I’ve got way too much stuff for the amount of storage I have – I’m SUCH a hoarder!! I really wish I could change the direction of my bed sometimes as I feel like it can make sleeping so much more exciting as odd as that sounds hahaha. I love the pop of colour thing, my room is mostly black and white so luckily I can choose pretty much any colour but I generally go for red or purple as I love keeping it gothic!
    Alice Xx

    • Yeah my room is the same, I’m not really supposed to move my furniture around anyway but it only really works in the place it’s in now. That’s why I like to try and change up my decor every now and then, especially to fit with the seasons as it’s a nice little refresh. I know exactly what you mean about sleeping being more exciting, you’ve made me feel less weird now! When I was little I sometimes used to swap my pillows round to sleep at the other end of my bed and it felt so exciting, haha. I love your room, you’ve got a consistent theme that totally suits you! xx

  3. Sky lights are so dreamy! I want them everywhere in my future forever home haha!! I’m the same as you and definitely prefer a more neutral decor approach, so that I can then accessorise with colour and change it around as often as I want 🙂 Flowers definitely instantly brighten up any room too – they always make you feel happy and are very uplifting. Fab post Alice xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

    • Me too, in every room possible! They really brighten up the house. Yeah definitely, it makes it so much more versatile then without having to change anything too big, I love the idea of changing things with the seasons as I’ll never get bored that way. Flowers really do change a whole room, I need to treat myself to fresh ones every so often I reckon! Thanks Char 🙂 xx

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