3 Subtle Beauty Ideas That Work Every Time

February 19, 2019

Today’s post is written by an external author; they give some super useful tips that will really help to boost your confidence if you’re feeling in a bit of a rut lately. I’m definitely going to be picking up couple of these tips so let me know if you find them useful too!

Beauty tips can sometimes be pretty extreme. From chemical peels and bee sting face masks, to that ‘leech face mask’ fad (trust us, you do not want to read about this) there are so many beauty ideas that, well, are a little lacking when it comes to subtlety. You can really improve how you look and feel in yourself by doing the little things sometimes, and you don’t always have to take things to the extreme (unless you want to, of course). We’ve put some simple tips together for those looking for subtle beauty ideas, that won’t take up a lot of time or money!

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1. Look into gradual tanning

Gradual tanning is one of those beauty tips that can really give you a little lift when you need it. Using a gradual tanning body lotion instead of your normal one can give you a lovely glow, and it doesn’t make you look like you’ve took a fortnight long trip to the Bahamas overnight (which is still a great look, we’d say). It also means that you can get your tan up to a level that is good for you, without going headfirst into things. If you’re interested in gradual tanning then look into the different lotions out there, and you’ll be glad that you did when you have a subtle little boost to make you feel glowing and great!

2. Get an invisible brace

There are few people out there who would profess that they don’t want straight teeth. However, having a brace when you’re over the age of around 18 is something that most people just don’t want to do, even though you may feel a little uncomfortable with your smile. The good news is that you can still get straight teeth, by having an invisible brace instead. Braces like Invisalign are great if you want a more discreet alternative to normal braces, and you’ll still get that perfect smile. This is a great subtle beauty tip, and it will serve you well for the rest of your life when you’re grinning with pride as a result. Where do we sign up?

3. Make your own face masks

Making your own facemasks is a great idea if you want to have clear skin, without the harmful chemicals that are sometimes in store-bought cosmetics. Whilst many shops offer organic alternatives, it’s actually pretty easy to make your own with ingredients like bananas, oats and honey, so look into the natural products that can make your face feel smooth and refreshed. You can make the most of the items that you already have in your kitchen, too, so it won’t cost you a lot of money to make them (if it costs you anything at all). Pre-warning: they will smell delicious, so try to avoid the temptation to eat them!

So, if you’re looking for subtle beauty ideas to give you a little bit of a boost – without costing too much cash or taking up too much time – try out these simple things. From gradual tanning and invisible braces, to making your own face masks, there are so many ideas out there, so see what you can do!

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4 responses to “3 Subtle Beauty Ideas That Work Every Time”

  1. I’ve never tried fake tan and honestly I feel like the longer I leave it, the more worried I get about trying it and having an absolute mare with it! Because I’m so naturally pale and sometimes my skin goes a bit grey/yellow because of my illness and medication, I feel like it just wouldn’t be the smartest idea! Gradual tanning definitely sounds more like something I could get on board with because then I wouldn’t have to worry about going bright orange straight away. I would literally pay thousands to have straight teeth, I’m so sad that I didn’t have braces as a teenager as I really hate my smile now and it definitely really knocks my confidence. I haven’t yet made any of my own skincare but Jake keeps saying I should! And making hair masks sounds nice too, I love a bit of honey in body and hair care so I’d definitely love to try it out soon.
    Alice Xx

    • I know exactly what you mean, I could never use an instant tan as it’s gone wrong every time I’ve done it or gone waaay too dark. There’s some gradual tans I really love though, they used to do an amazing one in Primark but I’ve not seen it in store for ages. I would love to be able to afford nice teeth as well, I get so paranoid about mine – but your smile is bloody lovely! Jake is right, I reckon you’d do a fab job – maybe we could try it with the girls when I come over or something, that could be fun xx

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve never tried fake tan and, as I have very fair skin, I’m not sure how I’d like the change. A gradual tan could be perfect for me – nice bronzed legs in the Summer would be nice instead of looking very pasty lol. I would love to straighten my bottom teeth – I’ll have to mention invisible braces at my next dentist appointment.

    • I’ve recently started using a gradual tan as I’m quite pale too, it’s a great alternative to the dark instant tans as it looks a lot more natural. I know a few people that have had invisible braces and they love them, the results seem to be really positive! x

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