Haircare Heaven & Bodycare Bliss with benecos*

February 18, 2019

*AD – gifted: this post contains products that were gifted to me in exchange for a review

Back in October last year, I came across a beauty brand called benecos and pretty much fell in love with their products from the get-go. Back in Autumn, they very kindly sent me some of their make-up products to try and I created a couple of seasonal looks with them. I was over the moon to be sent some of their hair and body range a few weeks ago to try out as I think they’re an extremely underrated brand that deserve all of the hype.

If you’ve never heard of benecos before, they’re a vegan and cruelty free beauty brand that have an incredible make-up range as well as body care, hair care and plenty more. Everything is made using organic ingredients and is completely free from parabens, paraffin, silicones and any synthetic ingredients. If you want to be able to get all of your cruelty free beauty needs in one place instead of having to search high and low, benecos is your go-to. They’re also completely affordable, their prices being on par with regular drugstores so you don’t have to break the bank to be ethical.

Natural Shampoo in Apricot & Elderflower

I’m so picky when it comes to shampoos as I have quite oily roots so I like something that’s going to really give my hair a proper cleanse. I’ve only used this shampoo a couple of times but it’s definitely ticking all the boxes so far. The first time I used it, I won’t lie that my hair was a bit of a state beforehand; I’d just finished doing three loads of washing, dusting and wiping all the surfaces in my house and changing my bedding (just call me Mrs Hinch). I was feeling pretty sweaty and gross so I needed a good scrub to make me feel like a human being again. After using this shampoo, not only did I feel like myself again but I felt like I should be in a shampoo advert. I couldn’t believe just how shiny and soft my hair was after just one use, I’m definitely going to be sad when my bottle runs out. I was sent the apricot and elderflower scent, admittedly I’m not usually much of an elderflower fan but it’s quite subtle and I do adore peach scented products which was the more dominant smell. This scent and their Aloe Vera scent are both suitable for all hair types but if you suffer from particularly oily skin, they also have a Melissa and Nettle scented shampoo that targets this problem.

Natural Conditioner in Melissa

The formula of this conditioner focuses especially on improving the overall condition of your hair. Although I’ve only used it a few times so I can’t really comment on its long-term effects yet, I’ve definitely noticed a different in that my hair feels and looks so much silkier. Even after just one use, my hair felt a little easier to brush through. The only thing I wish is that the scent had a bit more staying power so that I could smell it on my hair throughout the day as it smells so gorgeous. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever loved the smell of a hair care product more than this conditioner. I’m tempted to start carrying the bottle around with me just to keep having a sniff of it every now and again (I’m only sort of joking). The scent is called ‘Melissa’ and smells quite strongly of lemon with a hint of mint, it’s such a fresh and invigorating smell that helps to wake me up during my morning shower.

Natural Shower Gel in Pomegranate & Rose

When I first opened this bottle of shower gel and took a whiff, I really wasn’t sure at all about its scent. It smelt extremely sickly, coming from a lover of sweet smells it has to be pretty overpowering for me to not like it. However, when I actually used it in my shower the smell seemed to be a lot more pleasant and fruity rather than sweet. The rose comes out a lot more when it’s lathered up, it’s the perfect balance between fruity and floral and my bathroom smelt incredible for a while after showering. Aside from the obvious fact that this cleaned my body, my skin also felt really hydrated and nourished afterwards and the scent does linger on my skin ever so subtly which I really like. They do also have a range of body lotions with scents that match their shower gels so I’m quite tempted to go all out and get the matching lotion.

Natural Hand Cream in Sea Buckthorn & Orange

Hand creams are another thing that I can be extremely picky over as I like them to soak in quickly. I just hate the feeling of having stuff on my hands. I’m happy to say that this hand cream scores full points for me as it absorbs into my skin pretty much straight away. You only need a really small amount and it always leaves my hands feeling super hydrated, even when they’re feeling pretty hard done by. This is a great hand cream to throw in your handbag and use throughout the day. Plus, I’ve actually had compliments from other people about the smell; it’s a really fresh orange scent that almost makes me want to eat it. I love how benecos scents are completely natural, it just goes to show that you don’t need a long fancy list of chemical ingredients to create amazing fragrances.

Which products from benecos would you most like to try?

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37 responses to “Haircare Heaven & Bodycare Bliss with benecos*”

  1. These look dreamy! I love anything orange scented so I’d be reaching straight for that hand cream. But the shampoo and shower gel sound lovely too. I love the packaging and CF and Vegan are always a great bonus too!


  2. Bexa says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but it sounds great! The packaging is really colourful, eye catching and would definitely grab my attention in the shop. I’m loving the sound of the apricot and elderflower shampoo, anything that gives you that shampoo ad feeling has gotta be a fab product! I’m the same about hand creams and like them to absorb quickly too, this one sounds brilliant and I love the sound of the fresh orange scent! Thanks for sharing Alice, will have to keep a look out for benecos! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Yeah they definitely have that on-shelf value, I’d for sure grab them just for the packaging in a shop! Thanks for your lovely comment as always, I hope you enjoy their products if you do ever try any out – they have lots of amazing things to choose from! xx

  3. The packaging of the range screams of spring, which i miss dearly! I want spring back! i always loved the smell of orange! amazing that it is cruelty free!

  4. I love the look of these I haven’t heard of them before but I’ll be keeping an eye out as cruelty free is a huge requirement for me

  5. Aaliyah says:

    This range sounds amazing, anything that has a fruity scent is a plus for me! The pomegranate and rose shower gel sounds like something I would love, great post x

  6. I love Benecos make-up but haven’t tried their skin or haircare products. These all sound lovely – I’ll have to check them out!

  7. justnatonya says:

    Never heard of these products before but pomegranate & rose sounds super refreshing for a morning shower!!

    Natonya |

  8. I’ve never heard of these before but they certainly look lovely. Something to add to my “to try” list.

  9. thisblogispopular says:

    I’m so glad to discover this! I will definitely check these products out, love the packaging, too. Can’t wait to grab that citrius hand cream.

  10. glowsteady says:

    I haven’t seen this brand before but they sound lovely! Those scents sound incredible, I hate really greasy hand creams too. Great that they’re vegan as well! x


  11. Francesca says:

    This brand is new for me too, and I don’t think I have ever seen it before. I struggle with oily roots myself and I am always on the lookout for new products to try!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Fran x

  12. aisasami says:

    I have to try this out because I love it is natural and has wonderful scents!

  13. These products sound great, I too suffer from oily roots and struggle to find shampoo that works well with my hair. I also hate when hand creams don’t sink in too! I’m glad they’re cruelty free too, might have to check out their make up as I’m currently looking for CF make up!

    • Ahhh the shampoo targeted for oily roots would be perfect for you! It’s so annoying isn’t it, I hate having residue all over my hands. You should definitely take a look, they have some lovely products! x

  14. Wow, all of these sound amazing! I absolutely love peach scented products too, so I’m sure I’d love the shampoo for that reason alone! I adore the packaging – it’s so fun 🙂 What a lovely brand to discover xo

    Char |

  15. What a lovely set of products. Admittedly I have never heard of them before but the scents and the products themself seem really interesting definitely going to have a look for this always on the hunt for trying new shampoo and conditioners xo

  16. Okay not gonna lie, I’d love to try ALL of these. Apricot and elderflower sounds like my PERFECT combination!! I am such a sucker for orangey scents too, I have a satsuma hand cream from The Body Shop and its so zesty and strong I literally always get compliments on it! Lemon and mint sounds like a gorgeous combo, honestly sounds like my idea of an amazing refreshing drink haha! I’m much like you in the fact I love sweet scents so I think the pomegranate and rose would be a winner with me, too. Honestly would love to pick up every single one of these products and I’m tempted to now…
    Alice Xx

    • Apricot is definitely becoming one of my favourite smells at the moment, I’ve just bought a Bourjois primer that smells of apricot as well and I’m in LOVE. Zesty scents are fab for making you feel fresh, I think that’s why I love the lemon conditioner so much. And you’re so right, it would make a fab ice cold Summer drink I reckon! Do itttt, haha xx

  17. I love the sound of the pomegranate shower gel – I bloody love the smell of it so it sounds right up my alley, especially with hints of rose! I really like the sound of the brand overall, getting ahead of the game without the need to put in all of the extra chemicals will appeal to such a huge market these days! ❤️❤️

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