How to Feel Your Best Before a Date

February 5, 2019

Today’s post is written by Kerry Round; it features some useful tips that are very apt for Valentine’s Day which is rapidly approaching us. If you have a date coming up that you’re a little nervous for and you’re worrying about what to wear or whether it will be awkward, these tips will really help to put you at ease. Enjoy!

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It can often be quite nerve-wracking to wait for a date, especially if you have butterflies in your stomach about the person you’re meeting. No matter how old and wizened we might feel, it only takes one person to take your fancy for those schoolyard feelings to come back once more, and we love it every single time. Love always finds a way. But of course, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. This is merely the first date, a time to enjoy and gauge if the person is right for us as much as we want to impress them. A first date is best achieved when low-key, perhaps with some comfortable action like bowling or simply heading for a nice walk around the town during the twilight.

Preparing for another date can be fun if you let it. It can help your natural confidence shine through later, and give you the tools to enjoy yourself and form a truly wonderful memory. And, if the date goes poorly, at least your personal preparations will have let you had fun in whatever activity you took part in, or can come away with a love for yourself.

Natural Clothing

It can feel extremely tempting to dress up to the nines when you have a date planned. Of course, if there’s one time you want to look the most magnetic, it’s probably before a date with someone you like. But sometimes, it can feel a little overblown if you head there and your date is simply dressed relatively normally, perhaps smart casually. Plus, it can come across that you’re much keener on them than you might be. You have to bring a sense of mystery with you after all. However, we would never presume to tell you what to dress. If this makes you feel like the most confident you, you should absolutely rock the chosen outfit you already have in your heart and mind.

Natural clothing can often be the best way to dress if you’re unsure. Just a simple winter coat with a comfortable shirt and jeans, or a summer dress can help you emphasize the colors you like. Most importantly, feel comfortable with the person you’re heading on a date with. If they suggest they have planned something mysterious for the both of you, simply ask what to wear. You don’t want them to show up in a tux while you’re wearing a simple, comfortable dress. But whatever helps you feel natural and comfortable in your skin is important. Leave the show stopping to the accessories you decide on. Remember the golden rule – dressing for yourself is much more important than dressing for them.

Something Fun

Be prepared to have fun. Lessen the drama or sense of obligation that often surrounds any date you might head on. You might decide to go bowling, or another form of ‘action’ date that puts you both in a vulnerable position in front of each other, as this is the best way to encourage laughter and none of the stuffy formality that dinner dates provide. With something fun in mind, you’ll be willing to jump into that date with more energy and comfort than you might have otherwise.

Be Prepared And Active

Heading to the gym in the day beforehand can help you work out some of your stress beforehand, and also help you feel more confident in yourself. There’s something naturally restorative and comfortable about how exercise can make you feel, especially when it’s over and done with. Working out all your morning anxiety can help you come into the date with energy, cool relaxed and composed. Not only that, but it can help you feel more relaxed in the date, more down to Earth, and more able to express yourself correctly. In other words, it helps you bring your best self to the table, for you as much as them.

Personal Preparations

It’s important to prepare for the date beforehand of course, but the little things often help. Filling out your clutch bag with your essentials, a little extra money in case the night takes you somewhere you weren’t expecting, and telling at least two of your friends who you’re going with and where can be important. You can delay your period with the use of tablets to help you feel the most hygienic, and moisturizing with cocoa butter beforehand or bringing lip balm can help your entire body exude that wonderful glow you might desire. Also, remember the mindset to have fun! This isn’t an obligation, but something you should want to do because it’s fun and you like the person. If at any reason this stops being true, don’t be afraid to leave.

With these tips, feeling your best before a date is sure to translate to a wonderful time.

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7 responses to “How to Feel Your Best Before a Date”

  1. These are really good tips! I’ve only ever been on one proper date, I was met straight from work at Primark and taken to Nandos haha! So not much preparation involved. Although I was young and not too bothered!


  2. First dates are always super nerve-wracking, the first time Jake and I met up outside of college we just went to a park and led in a basket swing talking for a few hours while it drizzled rain. I remember wearing my big chunky double soled Dr Martens and wondering whether he thought I was a weirdo, little did I know my quirkiness was his favourite thing about me so it’s definitely super important to be yourself and dress how you normally would! I much prefer casual and fun dates, I’d definitely find a fancy dinner really intimidating at first and there’s not much around to make conversation about if you don’t know a lot about each other. Great tips for anyone meeting someone new for Valentines!
    Alice Xx

    • That sounds so bloody cute honestly! The number one thing is definitely to be yourself, you need someone to love you exactly as you are. I think I would actually hate going somewhere fancy, Jesse and I love a good dirty burger rather than a fine dining experience if I’m honest. It’s just way better to be more laid back and not feel like you have to live up to any expectations xx

  3. I haven’t been on a first date in almost 12 years when I was a mere teen, so I can’t even fathom how it would feel at this age! These are great tips for those of us that are way past dating and married off – can’t let that spark dull away after all! ❤️❤️

  4. I have never had a first date! How crazy is that?! To be honest, I don’t mind because I deffo would have been a nervous wreck. All of these tips are great and I love the one about dressing naturally – it always seems to be the done thing to dress up the nine’s for a date, but I love the element of mystery 🙂 xo

    Char |

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