Anti-Haul January 2019: Products I Won’t Be Buying

January 31, 2019

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written an anti-haul post and with all the brand new make-up releases that have been coming out in 2019, I thought it was about time I put my Negative Nancy hat on again. Just as a little disclaimer, I mean no personal disrespect to any of the brands and their creators (apart from Kat Von D, vaccinate your children for goodness’ sake). These are just my personal opinions and these anti-hauls are written for entertainment purposes only.

Luxury Palettes – Charlotte Tilbury

I really don’t want to offend any Charlotte Tilbury fans whatsoever as she has released some really incredible products over the years. Her packaging is consistently gorgeous and luxurious, not to mention extremely aesthetically pleasing for blog photos. I’ve never personally bought any Charlotte Tilbury products but I respect the brand for how well-established it has become. What I cannot abide is £40 for an eyeshadow quad. That’s just a straight up no. I can literally go to Superdrug on the high street and get a Rimmel London quad for £4, I just cannot justify adding a zero onto that expense. Plus the fact that brands such as Morphe release amazing quality palettes from £20 onwards that have 35+ shades inside. I just think there’s better ways to be spending my money, unfortunately. I know that Charlotte Tilbury is a ‘luxury brand’ but it’s just not something I can get on board with, personally.

Bomb-Ass Brows! by Desi Perkins – Benefit Cosmetics

First of all, who’s Desi Perkins when she’s at home? From a quick Google, it appears that she is an online influencer and YouTuber. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock but I’ve genuinely never heard of her – no hate whatsoever, just putting it out there. I’m sure she’s never heard of me either. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that Benefit have released some absolute staple products when it comes to eyebrows. I know plenty of people that swear by products such as Ka-Brow and Gimme Brow that have been around for years. What I can’t understand is why they are re-releasing the same old products under an influencer-endorsed name with such a ridiculous price tag. People already know and love these products, I can’t help but feel like they’ve either ran out of ideas or they’re using well-known names to get some extra dollar out of people. Or both.

Kat Von D Beauty

It stands a chance that you know exactly why this name is on the list. And no, this isn’t just one specific product, I’ve boycotted the whole brand completely. It might sound a bit dramatic but there’s an absolutely valid reason why I and so many others have done the same. Back in June 2018, Kat Von D announced that she would not be vaccinating her children, claiming that these injections put children at a higher risk of developing ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). I don’t know about you but I find this incredibly offensive to anyone diagnosed with ASD for a start; I’d much rather have an autistic child than one riddled with measles at risk of death. Despite the fact that it has been proven there is no link between MMR vaccines and development of ASD, unfortunately Kat Von D and many others still choose to selfishly put their own children as well as others’ at risk. So I don’t care how good her Lock-It Foundation and Tattoo Liner are – she can keep them, thanks.

Bling Thing Liquid Lip Colour – MAC Cosmetics

Perhaps I’m just becoming a little bit of an old woman with this one, I mean I do already own circulation boosting slippers and I’m always in bed by 9pm. Anyway, I’m just not understanding why so many non-wearable make-up products are being released lately. A perfect example is the MAC Bling Thing Liquid Lip Colours, featuring chunky glitter lipsticks such as vibrant purple and yellow gold. These might be pretty cool to use as liquid eyeshadows but I really doubt that chunky glitter is going to be comfortable on your lips. I can kind of see the appeal for things like make-up artistry where it’s applied purely for the photos but can you imagine wearing that on a daily basis? I’m not sold on this one, personally. As a side note, I’ve also watched that many chatty videos on YouTube from ex-MAC employees discussing how badly they were treated that I’ve become pretty put off by the brand as a whole.

Mermaid Range – I Heart Revolution

I really didn’t want to have to put Makeup Revolution onto an anti-haul list as they’re one of my all-time favourite brands. I just really wish this whole unicorn and mermaid phase could be over now. In fact, I thought I’d seen the back end of this trend but then I saw that Makeup Revolution tweeted about their new Mermaid Range and my heart sank a little bit. It was cute once upon a time but can we move onto something else now? I vote all year round Halloween style make-up.

Are there any beauty products or brands you will be steering clear of?

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11 responses to “Anti-Haul January 2019: Products I Won’t Be Buying”

  1. Hahahah that Kat Von D paragraph though!! I feel exactly the same. Looking back on the products I bought two years ago now, they aren’t that great anyway and I certainly won’t be supporting someone who so happily and openly puts her children aswell as other vulnerable people at more risk. It’s really just selfish and also if people in her childrens school get wind of the fact they’re not vaccinated then they’re going to end up having no friends as the children will be told by their parents to stay away from them which is just mean. But anyway, I totally agree with the mermaid and unicorn trend, it’s so old now and to be honest a bit 12 year oldish. I don’t really use brow products at all so I can’t comment on the price of them but there’s no way I’d be paying more for the same product just because someones slapped their face or name on it…
    Alice Xx

    • I went in on her to be honest but I’m not even ashamed haha, if you put people at risk then you’re cancelled – bye! Yeah I didn’t like the Lock It Foundation at all personally, it literally just slid off my face and sunk into every pore and line, not my most attractive look I have to say. Yeah the unicorn stuff was cute at first I won’t lie, but it’s so overdone at this point. I think with brow products I’ve found so many affordable ones that I can’t really justify prices like Benefit when they don’t even give as good quality as drugstore ones x

  2. Hard agree with boycotting Kat Von Dee, no way would I support someone so irresponsible. And yeah, I think there’s more than enough mermaid and unicorn shimmer, I want vampires and sirens and witches, lots of dark colours.
    Cora |

  3. Well, I laughed out loud (for real) when I read “except you Kat Von D 😂🤣 that’s the exact reason I won’t purchase anything else from her brand (but yeah, her Lock It foundation is amazing lol). I’m also with you on the mermaid/unicorn phase, I was never really on board and it’s gone on so long that I’m without a doubt over it! I love these posts Al, keep em coming 😂😘❤️❤️

    • Haha!! Gotta be truthful here. I actually don’t even like her foundation personally but I know so many people that love it. It’s a shame she ruins it for herself! I did think it was pretty cute at first, lots of shimmers and pastel colours but it’s starting to get pretty overdone now. Thanks Gab! xx

  4. Charlotte Tilbury is a difficult one for me as their packaging is amazing and the product itself really is impressive but completely understand that you can buy products at a lot cheaper price and are equalling quality.
    I’m with you on this whole Mermaid/Unicorn phase I haven’t brought anything in the slightest that resembles it – it’s not for me & I wish it would just end.
    Great post and interesting to here your views!

  5. Nicole Garaham says:

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  6. I love this post! Sometimes it’s good to talk about the negatives too – it’s all about balance and being relatable right?! I’ve heard the same about MAC too and I believe they still test on animals, so I’m not a huge fan of them and haven’t bought anything from them in well over a year now! The whole mermaid theme is cute too, but I agree, it has been going on for far too long now. Also, a lot of the products are really unwearable too – or is that just me?! Great post Alice 🙂 xo

    Char |

    • Exactly, I always think it’s important to be honest and I love a good moan sometimes haha. I’ve never bought anything from them to be honest but I definitely don’t plan to after hearing some of the stories I’ve heard! Yeah that’s true actually, they look cute packaging wise but they don’t often work the best when they’re actually on your face haha. Thank you Char 🙂 x

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