Make-Up Trends That Won’t Let You Down in 2019 by Kerry Harrison

January 26, 2019

I was recently sent this really helpful piece by Kerry Harrison that mentions some really useful make-up tips for some classic, much-loved looks. I will definitely be trying out some of Kerry’s suggested tricks – I’m still yet to nail that pesky smoky eye, so definitely read on if you’re in the same boat as me.

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With every season that comes and goes, there are new make-up and beauty trends for us all to enjoy. However, there are also some make-up looks that have stood the test of time. It doesn’t matter what month or season it is, these trends can always be counted on. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the make-up styles that are never going to let you down in 2019.

Smoky Eye

Of course, there is only one place to begin, and this is with the classic smoky eye. We may see this on celebs like Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora today, but this look has been championed since Cleopatra! Talk about staying power! So, what’s a good way to carry out this look and what make-up tools do you need?

  1. You should start by applying concealer to your eyelids. This will act as a primer and even out the colour, as well as ensuring any product you apply does not slide around, creating a panda-eye look.
  2. Apply a slate-hued eye shadow or a soft black eye shadow to your lids. You should make sure this is extended beyond the crease. A fluffy brush is recommended, as this will diffuse the shadow.
  3. Using a metallic black eyeliner to line the entire perimeter of your eye.
  4. Finally, go heavy on the mascara, applying a few coats of a smudge-free product.

Matte makeup

Last but not least, we have matte make-up. After all, who wouldn’t want their skin to look virtually pore-free and totally flawless? If you want to master the art of matte make-up, high quality products such as Bulgarian Rose Oil Cosmetics are a necessity as you don’t want the make-up to look like it has been piled on. Once you have got all of the items you need, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Firstly, apply a mattifying foundation using a sponge or a flat foundation brush. Make sure you have even colour everywhere by blending it out to the neck area.
  2. You should then use a foundation that is two shades darker than your skin tone to contour along your hairline, temples, the sides of your nose, and your cheekbones. The colour should look subtle, so buff out the darker shade properly.
  3. Use a setting powder underneath your eyes and around your face to lock in the makeup.
  4. Apply a cream coloured eye shadow to your eyelids. Apply this along the lower lash line too using an angled brush.
  5. Create a matte brow by using powder.

So there you have it – two classic make-up looks that are not going to let you down throughout 2019! And, the great news is, you can easily combine the two!

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6 responses to “Make-Up Trends That Won’t Let You Down in 2019 by Kerry Harrison”

  1. I do love a matte makeup look – I have pretty oily skin so always opt for matte to get rid of that oiliness! I’m yet to perfect a smokey eye look for me – black always looks really harsh on me so I’m going to experiment with some dark greys and browns to see if I can get the same look! ❤️❤️

    • Gotta love matte, I’m exactly the same with oily skin especially in my T-zone. I absolutely love a dark brown smoky eye, you should definitely try that out! I think it would look stunning on you xx

  2. I absolutely love a good smokey eye! I haven’t done one in forever, so I must do soon! I also love a mix between a matte and dewy base, but always favoured matte – it’s funny how out tastes change over the years!xo

    Char |

    • I always seem to favour matte just because my skin is quite oily so it helps to combat that issue. I am loving the dewy trend that’s going on at the moment though, it looks so natural and glowy! I just need to learn how to pull it off on myself xx

  3. I used to opt for a matte base but as of recent I’ve much preferred a more natural look so have gone much more in-between matte and dewy! I feel like sometimes if your skin is TOO matte then you look a little like a doll, haha! I am partial to a good smokey eye though, I love it as you can do it with any shade really and it can be suitable for almost any style you’re trying to rock, whether it be super chic or gothic glam! Gotta pair it with a statement lip, too 🙂
    Alice Xx

    • I totally agree with you, I’m definitely learning that less is more lately especially with base products like my foundation. I literally used to slather it on and now I blend out the tiniest bit, I feel like it looks so much better. Yeah I honestly feel like smoky eyes will never go out of style, there’s so many different ways you can take it. It can be super flattering once you get the hang of doing one! Ooh yes, a statement lip is a must xx

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