NIP+FAB Kale: A Winter Skincare Fix

November 19, 2018

NIP+FAB are one of those brands that I rarely buy from but when I do, I immediately wonder why I don’t try more of their products. Flashback to August 2017 and I was literally in love with their Viper Venom primer – it’s still one of my all-time favourites now. They recently had a huge sale on where a selection of products were being sold at just £5 each which is a pretty decent saving. Of course, I had to jump on this sale – a lot of the kale skincare range was included in the reduced selection so I decided to try some bits out (yes, a liquid lipstick managed to sneak into my basket as well). The NIP+FAB kale range promises to be softening and comforting, containing various vitamins that help to protect your skin from damage as well as hydrating it. This makes it perfect for dry and sensitive skin which is what mine very quickly becomes in the Winter.

Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been a baby wipes or cheap make-up wipes kind of girl when it comes to removing my make-up. However, if I have a heavy face of make-up then it can sometimes take three or four of the suckers just to get everything off. These removing pads are absolute lifesavers, they just make things so much easier. They might only be small but I can remove all of my make-up with a maximum of two pads. Plus, they’re soaked full of product so my make-up comes off a lot easier than with a wipe. This means I’ll be pulling and dragging at my skin way less which I’m sure it will thank me for in the long run. The only downside is that the original price is £12.95, I could justify the fiver but not really a price that steep just for taking my make-up off. The last I checked, they were still reduced to £5 though so definitely grab a tub while you can!

Kale Fix Moisturiser

This is such a perfect moisturiser for Winter; even the most pesky areas on my face that are more prone to becoming flaky from the harsh cold weather have definitely benefited from me using this product. It contains aloe vera to help heal any skin damage which is definitely true as it can sometimes be quite hard for me to find a suitable moisturiser for Winter. My skin becomes very sensitive and sore but this soothes any redness I have, keeping it nice and supple. This is also perfect for anyone with combination skin as although it is super hydrating for dry areas, it’s not too greasy on oily patches either – no shiny disco ball forehead in sight!

Kale Fix Protecting Shot

This is the star of the bunch for me – I’m so glad that I picked it up when I did as its original price is £19.95. I definitely bagged a bargain with this product. The instructions on the bottle say to add a couple of drops of product in with your moisturiser and apply to your face. I have used this alone as well as with the kale moisturiser and it definitely gives a little extra something. Although the moisturiser is super hydrating on its own, I feel like adding the protecting shot makes it just that little more hydrating. I like to apply both the protecting shot and the kale moisturiser of a night and let all of the goodness soak into my skin. Whenever I do this, I always wake up with the softest face ever. I find it better to apply the protecting shot on its own of a morning as it provides a healthy glowing base for make-up without feeling too heavy on my face. I would definitely repurchase this at its full price as it has dramatically reduced any Winter dryness.

Kale Fix Clay Mask

This clay mask claims to be able to draw away impurities from the skin without drying it out as well as making it “touchably soft with a fresh glow.” It definitely does an amazing job of hydrating my skin, I genuinely feel like my face is so radiant after using this. I didn’t really notice any reduction of my pesky blackheads but I have only used it a couple of times so perhaps I need to use it more regularly to notice a difference in that respect. Definitely a 10/10 for making me feel more glowing and confident in my skin, though. Another big plus is that it smells really fresh and reminds me of being in a spa, making me feel really relaxed and pampered.

Have you ever tried any NIP+FAB products?

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2 responses to “NIP+FAB Kale: A Winter Skincare Fix”

  1. I still really need to try that viper venom, I barely ever think to use primer as recently my skin has been really kind to me in only needing a moisturiser as a base. Usually if I use a primer, it sort of melts off! It’s a real shame this is usually quite pricey as it sounds like you’ve found a really lovely regime and I LOVE a good spa-like smell! I definitely giggled at ‘no shiny disco ball forehead’ hahaha, I really do know the struggle…
    Alice Xx

    • You do! It’s honestly so good, a lot of primers work the same for me and just end up melting my make-up off as you say but this keeps it firmly on my face. Haha, I’m glad it made you laugh, it’s painfully true! xx

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