Useful Mailing Lists for the Modern Millennial

August 28, 2018

I think anyone with an email account can understand the frustration of mailing lists, particularly when you know that you definitely didn’t opt into the majority of them. With all of the GDPR laws that have now been introduced, I was holding out hope that I’d stop receiving so many unwanted emails but I swear I’m only getting more. I recently had a massive clear out of my inbox, unsubscribing to the vast majority of unwanted automated emails and it took a lot more time than I even thought it would. Although there are plenty of mailing lists that I feel are pretty pointless, I realised during my clear out that there’s a fair few I actually enjoy receiving. If you can believe it, amongst all of the “you have won one million dollars” and “we can help you gain 10K Instagram followers” there are actually some worthwhile automated emails you can look forward receiving.


If you don’t already know, Superdrug offer a rewards card which is really worth getting if you shop there regularly. If you ask for a Healthy & Beautycard in-store, you can register this online which means you can view your points balance whenever you want as well as sign up for their mailing list. The points system is honestly amazing and has saved me so much money over the years. For every £1 you spend either in-store or on the website, you are rewarded with 1 point so you can save up your points over time to redeem them for money off your purchases, for example 100 points gives you £1 off. There are also plenty of opportunities to be rewarded double points and sometimes triple points so they quickly add up. Something else that I love is you can pay with part points and part cash as not every shop offers this but it’s really great to be able to knock a few quid off your total purchase every now and then.

In terms of their mailing list, there are so many members only benefits available. I find myself looking forward to any Superdrug emails as there’s always so many great offers and bonuses. They have ‘Treat Thursday’ every week which is a different offer each time that might apply to a certain brand or product type. For example, throughout the Summer they were offering discounted travel minis and skin protection. They always send emails out in advance to let their members know what’s going to be on offer which is really useful as it means you never miss a bargain. I think it’s such a great idea to be notified by email as I don’t always visit their website or go into a store so I’d miss some great deals if it wasn’t for the mailing list. Plus, you get a special birthday treat if you enter your date of birth which is always a plus.

Everything 5 Pounds

I’m always raving about this website to people as I just think it’s bloody wonderful, to be quite honest. As the website name suggests, every single product is £5 and I’ve found so many gems on there over the past few months. They include a lot of items that may have been discontinued or didn’t sell out in certain sizes in popular stores such as Primark and New Look. I love when I get compliments on an item of clothing and I can boast that it only cost me a fiver. They’re constantly updating the website daily and some of my favourite outfits are from there. If you subscribe to their mailing list, you’re the first to be notified when new items have been added. Sometimes there’s only a few of a certain size or product in stock so it means you can snatch up the best things before anyone else.


I think pretty much everyone in the modern world knows what Netflix is so I won’t bore you with too many details. Netflix is my go-to place for affordable movies and TV shows; £5.99 a month for a wide selection of things to watch is such a bargain in my eyes and I definitely get my money’s worth. The reason I love Netflix’s mailing list is because as soon as something new is added, I’m notified straight away. It also sends me suggestions so if I’m watching a lot of crime related programmes (I’m literally addicted) then I sometimes get sent a list of similar things that I haven’t watched yet. This is such a great idea as it means I’m not missing out on anything and there’s always plenty of options for what to watch. My personal favourite feature about Netflix is that you can create your own list of things to watch later. I have a ridiculous amount of interesting looking documentaries that I want to watch so I love being able to queue them up, meaning that I don’t accidentally forget about any of them. Whenever I get notified about new additions by email, it’s so easy to just add it to my list so I won’t forget about it.


VoucherCodes is my absolute go-to for any discounts, whenever I do an online shop or I’m going to eat at a restaurant I always check to see if there’s any offers available. Being on their mailing list means that I get regular updates about the newest discounts and I can take advantage of them before they’re gone. This is especially great for times such as the Bank Holiday Monday that just passed as you can see exactly what deals are on all in one place rather than having to visit each individual website to figure it out. It also means that whenever a discount or a sale comes on offer, you’re the first to know about it. If it wasn’t for VoucherCodes, I’d have missed out on so many money-saving deals for fashion, food, travel, home décor and so many others. Even if you’re not personally interested in some of the things on offer, it means you can let the appropriate friends and family know and everyone will love you for saving them some cash.

Are there any mailing lists that you actually don’t mind too much?

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9 responses to “Useful Mailing Lists for the Modern Millennial”

  1. Omg I LOVE the VoucherCodes emails!! I literally wake up to one of them every day and have a little browse haha. It is the fault of a lot of my online shopping but then again, if it’s a bargain I can’t complain… Same with the Superdrug ones. Being a complete budget beauty fanatic can be so draining on the bank account when they’re constantly churning out so many damn good offers. Especially when it’s involving makeup revolution because who can resist that quality for that price?! Jake pays for our Netflix now so I can’t say I get the emails but tbh I’m just a serial Friends watcher on there now oops… Maybe I would branch out a little if I did get those emails. I actually can’t say I’ve found anything on everything 5 pounds that has caught my eye yet but after seeing your glowing recommendation I will definitely keep my eye on it a little more often! I’ve never read a post like this before Al and I loved it. Would love to see more day to day life stuff from you!
    Alice Xx

    • Literally I tell myself “ooh what a bargain” that I probably end up spending more money in the long run, whoops. Online shopping is the devil but so good at the same time! Yeah the Superdrug deals definitely help me to figure out the best products to buy to review and stuff because I can opt for the cheaper options and save myself some money. Exactly, Makeup Revolution just absolutely kill the game! Definitely keep your eyes peeled, they come out with some right gems every now and then. Aww Al, thank you so so much! Your comment has once again made my day, I’ll get thinking of some more day to day life ideas for in the future 🙂 xx

  2. I love Superdrug, got some really good bargains from their emails..
    I’d suggest Domestic Sluttery, every Mon-Fri they send out an email with all sorts – recipes, sales, books. My lunchtime reading at work 🙂
    Cora |

  3. Lily Martin says:

    How did I not know of Superdrugs mailing list!!! I’d love to know when I could grab myself a good discount! I really hate Groupon emails as they spam me with like 5 a day 🙁

    • It’s honestly amazing, I’d miss out on so many good deals if it wasn’t for their mailing list. Ahhh that’s a shame, they do have good deals on there but it can get annoying when it’s too many a day x

  4. I love Everything 5 Pounds! I haven’t had a mooch on there for ages, but did a shopping review post on them quite a while back! Also yes to the Netflix emails – I love finding out a series I’ve been watching has new episodes or suggestions for what I might like. I need to check out Voucher Codes & getting on the Superdrug mailing list, your card looks so much fresher than mine (I’ve got the old mirror style from when they first released them 😂) really helpful and great post as always lovely! ❤️❤️

    • I’m honestly addicted to checking up on all the new things they’ve got in hopes of a bargain haha. Exactly, it’s always exciting getting an email that your favourite series has new episodes! Haha I lost my card a while ago so I got given a fresh new one, I can imagine it will soon be beaten up. Thank you so much Gab 🙂 xx

  5. I am definitely receiving way more emails than I was before too! It’s ridiculous!! Superdrug always send through great offers, as do VoucherCodes – I receive emails from both of them xo

    Char |

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