CaseApp: Designing My Dream Phone Case*

June 22, 2018

*AD – gifted: this post contains products that were gifted to me in exchange for a review

Something that I absolutely love is treating myself to a new phone case. It might sound really weird but for me, I get the same feeling using a new phone case as when you buy a brand new notebook and write in it for the first time – can anyone else relate to that? However, I’d been using the same phone case for months and it was starting to look a little bit tired. CaseApp unknowingly contacted me at exactly the right time to offer me two free phone cases which I was over the moon about. I’ve had my eye on some of their case designs for a while but I also spotted a feature where you can design your own, something I’ve always wanted to do! I decided to design one myself and then choose my favourite design from their wide selection for the second case.

I felt so spoilt for choice when it came to choosing one of the pre-made designs. There are so many different patterns, colours and styles available that I ended up with about 30 tabs open trying to filter them down. There are ones with quirky slogans, my personal favourite being one that says ‘is it Friday yet?’ as well as some really cute festive prints that I’ve already got my eye on for December (I’m aware it’s only June, oops). I ended up falling in love with the gorgeous strawberry print design pictured above as I just think it’s so perfect for Summer. Strawberries always remind me of chilling out on the grass having a picnic in the sun – providing the UK weather allows, of course. I also really adore the colour of it, the dusky pink has been on-trend for a while now and I’m hoping it continues to stick around because I’m loving it. Something that I found pretty cool is that there’s the option to choose a matte or a glossy finish. I’m much more of a matte girl myself so I opted for that and I definitely think I made the right choice.

I was a little bit nervous about designing my own case because I didn’t want to fail miserably. Admittedly, I’ve tried to design similar things in the past and haven’t been overly pleased with the outcome. Once I got going though I actually really enjoyed the whole process. There’s the option to upload your own photos and then drag and drop them into different collage layouts which I thought would make a really cute idea as a birthday present to someone or an anniversary gift. There’s also lots of different clip-art images to choose from; I ended up opting for some daisies to keep in with the Summer theme but again, the range of different options was huge and it sent my brain flying with different ideas. You can also add any text of your choosing and there’s plenty of lovely fonts to decide between. The whole process was so quick and easy, I had absolutely no problems and I actually ended up being super happy with my final design.

As far as quality, I’ve genuinely got absolutely nothing negative to say. I often find that phone cases can feel quite flimsy and break easily but these feel much more rigid and long-lasting than other cases I’ve had. The printing quality is perfect and I’m a little bit obsessed with the matte finish. The phone cases cost £19 each for a standard case which admittedly is more than I’d usually spend on a phone case because I’m stingy. In saying that, I do think these cases are worth spending that little bit more because the quality is so much better and I can see them lasting way longer. The case I designed myself went straight onto my phone as soon as I opened the package, it was basically love at first sight. I’ve had so many compliments and people asking me where I got my phone case from, I’ve been recommending so many people to head over to CaseApp!

If you’d like to have a go at designing your own case, head over to the CaseApp website – you can even save 20% off your purchase by entering the following code during checkout: ACCORDINGOALICE20. What design will you go for?

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  1. beffshuff says:

    love the case you designed yourself! so simple but super cute! If i could design my own there would definitely be a cactus on there!

  2. I absolutely ADORE the one you designed yourself. I could so see myself using this on my phone too (especially as we’ve got the same name 😇). The daisies are just adorable and it’s so simple and elegant! I love how both the main colours are sort of dusky/pastel colours too, as you said they’re so on trend at the moment and tend to just go so nicely with everything! I’ve never even visited the Caseapp website but I will be now!
    Alice Xx

  3. Honey says:

    I don’t think I would be able to do this. We also have a company that does personalized cases and I don’t think I could ever choose. There’s just so many options! I think you chose some real nice ones and I love that they’re matte.
    btw I also love buying new ones, my phone always looks and feels like it’s brand new when I change phone case 😀

    xo Honey

  4. I LOVE the design you did yourself! So beautiful and cute! Loving how summery they are! Been seeing loads about this company and am loving all of the designs! Xx

  5. I am obsessed with CaseApp! Ever since I received my phone case from them, I have not taken it off of my phone. The quality of the phone cases is amazing and I can see myself purchasing from them again! I love your personalised case – it’s soo cute. I also had my eye on the strawberry one too xo

    Char |

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