Primark Liquid Lipsticks: An Honest Review

June 13, 2018

I know it’s been a pretty long time since Christmas has passed (sidenote: obviously the best time of year), but one of the presents I received got me pretty excited. I’ve been wanting to try out Primark’s make-up range for a while now and then I remembered I’d been given a set of their liquid lipsticks as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I don’t think they stock this particular gift set anymore – I’m assuming it was a Christmas only kind of thing as I’ve looked for similar sets loads of times and they only seem to be sold as singulars now. However, I went into Primark just the other day and they still have plenty of these liquid lipsticks in the exact same shades, just sold alone rather than in sets. The question is, will I be tempted to pick up more of these or are they not worth the bother? Cast your votes now.

My first impression of this gift set was that the colours are so completely my style. I either tend to go for quite a dark lip if I’m making a bit of an effort or a nude/pink for an everyday look. The selection of shades are really ideal for me; I tend to find in gift sets that there’s usually a couple of products I’ll use but then some that I won’t, but I would genuinely use every one of these shades depending on what look I’m going for. There’s also two cream lipsticks that give more of a matte finish and two glosses so there’s a decent variation there as well.

I have to say that I did find these a little tricky to apply at first, particularly the matte creams as I like to get a neat and tidy line around my lips but I found it quite difficult to achieve. The applicator is quite bulky, I tend to get on better when lipstick applicators thin out at the end but this one is really thick which isn’t so good in terms of getting a clean line. I love the rest of the packaging though in terms of aesthetic, the gold design and the lettering are both really simple but so pretty – it made taking blog photos an easy job, haha. The only thing I wish was included is shade names as none of these lipsticks have names; I do love a good shade name, especially if it’s some sort of play on words and it helps when recommending colours to you guys if you want to pick it up for yourselves!

In terms of the formula, I found that I needed to apply a couple of coats with the matte creams because the colour didn’t seem to distribute evenly and left patches with no pigment. However, matte lipsticks tend to feel quite uncomfortable on my lips after a while and become super drying but this didn’t happen with these lipsticks. They are really comfortable and don’t dry my lips out at all. They also last a fairly decent amount of time – don’t get me wrong, they’re not bulletproof and you’ll need a bit of a top up after eating but it’s nothing that I don’t experience with most lipsticks. As for the glosses, I will say that I’m not much of a lip gloss girl. I love the look of gloss, especially in Summer but I just hate that sticky feeling that almost every lip gloss has. These glosses are no exception, however I will admit that they look super pretty when applied and again, it’s nothing that I haven’t experienced with every other lip gloss I’ve used.

Overall, I was genuinely impressed by these lipsticks. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting anything too special as Primark lipsticks are only a few quid each but I was really pleasantly surprised. I’ll definitely be getting good use out of all of the shades, in fact a big part of me needs Autumn to come back around because how perfect is that gorgeous dark purple colour for that time of year?! I would definitely recommend picking up a few of these when you’re next browsing Primark as they’re a great affordable option for a liquid lipstick.

Have you ever tried any Primark beauty products?

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12 responses to “Primark Liquid Lipsticks: An Honest Review”

  1. I love Primark lipstick. They stopped doing my favourite though 🙁
    Cora |

  2. I’ve really loved 90% of the Primark lip products I’ve tried, their lip crayons are questionable though! You’re so right about the purple shade, it looks bloody gorgeous and I’d be itching to wear that in Autumn! Lip gloss is always a tricky one as I feel like it looks really lovely on a lot people but the practicality of it is just not there. It sticks and transfers to bloody everything and who wants that? Also so easily smudged. So great to see a new post from you and I’ll definitely be looking out for the lip creams!
    Alice Xx

    • I’ve never tried the lip crayons, I was intrigued by them though so it’s a shame you didn’t like them! I’m loving their K Beauty range at the moment, I really want to get some of their products as the packaging looks super cute. I know, bring on Autumn now! Haha x

  3. I need to get myself over to Primark for a mooch around – it’s been ages (Christmas probably?!) but deffo want to give these a go! I’m also not a lipgloss kinda gal – I love it on other people but not a massive fan of it on me! Also loving that darker shade (damn I wish they had shade names lol!) great post as always lovely 😘❤️❤️

  4. All of these shades look absolutely gorgeous!! The next time I’m in Primark I will have to pick a couple up xo

    Char |

  5. jazziepickles says:

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by primark make up recently too. I found the lip products a bit hit and miss but glad these worked okay for you x

  6. Meg says:

    I’m usually quite impressed with Primark makeup, for the price it’s pretty good! Especially there palettes and fake tan. Great post Alice, love your photos too!

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