Anti-Haul January 2018: Products I Won’t Be Buying

January 31, 2018

A few months ago, I wrote my first ever anti-haul post which included brands such as Kim Kardashian West Beauty, Fenty Beauty and even my beloved NYX! I actually really enjoyed venting about bad products for a change as I’m usually excitedly hyping things up so it makes a bit of a change to have a moan every once in a while. Since my last anti-haul, I’ve gradually built up a second list of products so I’m here for another rant. I usually want to impulse buy so many things – for me to be completely put off a product means I’ve definitely got my reasons behind it! So here are the products I’m shunning away recently.

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Initially, I thought this product sounded pretty exciting – I’ve never actually tried the Shape Tape concealer before but I’ve heard so many people sing of its praises. Admittedly, I’ve never felt the urge to buy it simply because of the hefty price tag – my current concealer is amazing and it’s only £4 a tube (Makeup Revolution are slaying the game lately). It does seem like a pretty great product just from the photos and videos I’ve seen but as you may know, I’m more of an affordable drugstore kind of girl. The concealer is meant to give the best coverage so surely a foundation version would be nothing short of amazing, right? Well, there’s a much bigger meaning behind why I won’t be investing any of my money into this product and you may have already seen the uproar about it – the shade range is pathetic. With the release of foundation ranges that have over 40 shades and are inclusive to everyone (think Fenty Beauty), I’m not really understanding why you would feel comfortable releasing 15+ fair shades that are all effectively the same shade and then literally none for darker skin tones. I think it’s so great that more brands are including everyone in their releases so I don’t think there’s any excuse for other brands to not follow suit.

beautyblender Chill

I’m not hating too hard on beautyblender here because I know that their sponges are loved and rated highly by so many people. I just don’t really understand the constant releases of different colours and varieties. I thought maybe each sponge might do something different or have unique qualities but it’s literally just a colour change. I get bringing out different sized ones for applying make-up to different parts of your face, but £16 a pop just to have a different coloured sponge that does the exact same thing as all the other sponges just seems a bit silly to me. I know all of the different colours might be aesthetically pleasing but when it’s that expensive just for one sponge, I can’t personally justify it. Plus, I’m dedicated to my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is a really impressive, much cheaper dupe.

Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Jetsetter Palette
The famous American supermodel, Gigi Hadid has recently collaborated with Maybelline and bought out a range of new products. Admittedly, I’m really loving the look of some of the releases as the lipstick shades look gorgeous and the overall packaging is stunning. This was just the one product from the range for me that was a massive flop. Don’t get me wrong, I love the initial idea of it as it does seem really travel-friendly.; there’s a blush, bronzer, mini mascara, eyeshadows, concealer, lip balms and a highlighter all compacted into one box. However, a closer look makes me feel a bit meh about the product. The selection of eyeshadows aren’t great, I feel like I wouldn’t really be able to pull together a decent look as they don’t really shout anything too exciting. The blush, highlighter and bronzer are all too small to even dip a brush into and £30 just seems a bit steep considering how flat this fell for me. Great concept, but I don’t think they’ve really nailed the outcome personally.

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

If you like Too Faced, I probably wouldn’t read this section. Honestly, it’s just one of those brands that’s never managed to reel me in and made want to purchase their products. The only thing I’ve ever tried and liked is their Better Than Sex mascara which has an amazing formula, don’t get me wrong but I just wish it didn’t have such a cringe-worthy name. They seem to have quite a wide range of eyeshadow palettes but I just really don’t understand the hype around them. The shades always seem pretty disappointing to me but the White Chocolate Bar palette is the one that fell most flat in my eyes. All the colours are so light, it seems like more of a palette dedicated to transition shades rather than something you can reach for to create a full eye look. I’ve also swatched multiple Too Faced palettes on my hand and they seem really patchy with a severe lack of pigment. I don’t know why anybody would want to spend so much money on bad quality eyeshadows when amazing quality palettes from brands such as Morphe are so much more affordable. I think there’s too much focus on gimmicks with the chocolate bar designs and ‘controversial’ product names rather than focusing on the actual quality of the products.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Primer

I might be completely wrong here but I’ve always found eyelash primers to be completely pointless. They don’t really seem to do anything other than what another coat of mascara could achieve. I did some research into eyelash primers and a lot of them are meant to have conditioning and thickening qualities. Honestly, I’ve tried so many products like this in my time, particularly after recovering from trichotillomania so that I could get my eyelashes back into good condition. I’ve just never really discovered any noticeable benefits myself, but of course products work differently for everyone. I just think it works out way better for me to find a really decent mascara where you can build up the volume and length depending how many coats you apply. If you do know of any eyelash primers or serums that have noticeably benefited you, please let me know!

So those are the products I’ve come across recently that have caused me to pull a face. You’ll probably think I’m a right negative Nancy now but admittedly, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a moan! Let me know if there’s any products you’ve seen recently that you wouldn’t even think about splashing your cash on.

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54 responses to “Anti-Haul January 2018: Products I Won’t Be Buying”

  1. I love this post!! It’s refreshing to read some anti stuff once in a while! I’ve heard so much bad press about the Tarte foundation and definitely agree I won’t get on board! Also cannot believe how expensive a MAYBELLINE drugstore pallette is!! Keep doing these – they’re great! ❤️

  2. Literally agree with all of this, especially Too Faced. I’ve always been pretty damn disappointed by their products while people around me rave about them. The pigment disappoints me every time! I haven’t even tried Better Than Sex either so they’re just a bit of a dud brand to me. I deffo agree about the Real Techniques sponge too, that thing changed my foundation game big time! Also i’ve never tried a lash primer but I always wonder why the hell it exists, I feel like your actual mascara would just mix with it and make it watery…
    Alice Xx

    • Yay I’m so glad somebody agrees with it all! Yeah I’ve never really been drawn in at all, everything just falls a bit flat for me. The RT sponges are amazing! I always recommend them to people. Ahh that’s a really good point! xx

  3. Covet Luxe says:

    Love this post! I agree with the Too Faced palette so much, literally don’t get why anyone would waste their money on that haha! xx

  4. lovecally says:

    I loved this post Alice! Lots of really great thoughts about some of the products. I definitely agree with you on the Tart shape tape foundation!
    Love, Cally x

  5. Ashton _P says:

    I agree with this kind of this. People make such a big deal about expensive products but i feel that they arent as great as they make them out to be. I am glad to see someone is saying this

  6. Rebecca Allatt says:

    I agree with the Gigi palette, such a rip off for how much product you get! Great post! x

  7. jessxclare says:

    Loved this post! And I totally agree with you on your points! X

  8. Francesca says:

    I love posts like this where it’s about what to avoid rather than what to buy! Can’t believe what some of these companies are doing by just releasing the same product in a different shade with a hefty price tag!x

    Francesca | EverythingChessie 🌿

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post! It’s always good to hear the negative side too, as we’re constantly met with ‘this product is great, you NEED it in your life!’ so it’s interesting to hear/read the other side too 🙂 Great post xo

    Char |

  10. theglassofclass says:

    I used to have a Real Techniques sponge as well, it lasted for ages and I was very happy with it. Unfortunately its life came to an end and I had to replace it, I found a set of 3 marble makeup sponges in Next in November, all different shapes and sizes, for £12 and I was so surprised how good they turned out! I honestly think they are even better than Real Techniques. I was never a big fan of Gigi Hadid and when I saw her makeup range I just felt a bit meh about it in general, I think it’s hyped way too much for what it is. Great post!

    Julia xx

  11. Jasmine says:

    I’m so glad that someone else isn’t on the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation bandwagon. I hate how they didn’t come out with a variation of shades. I won’t even by the concealer. I’ll stick to my UD All Nighter concealer.

  12. Emily Isobelle Jane says:

    I love these posts it’s so refreshing to read what people don’t want for a change! I totally get the too faced palette! I’m so not a fan of the shades!

    Love emily x

  13. Lily says:

    I’ve been seeing these all over YouTube and I’ve really been enjoying them.

  14. Love this! After hearing SO many people rave about the beauty blender, I did end up going out and buying one. And honestly, it just wasn’t worth the hype to me at all. It’s just a sponge haha and it really soaked up a ton of the foundation too which I hated. I felt like I was wasting product. I much prefer to apply my foundation with a brush anyways.

  15. I agree with the tarte concealer I’m not buying the hype on that, however I do really love too faced products, there base products and lip products are my absolute favourite I love them! I’ve only ever used the natural love eye palette and I love it lol

    Lots of Love!
    Alicia –

  16. Rachel G says:

    Yeah, when all you’re really paying for is a different color of beauty blender…probably not all that worth it! I only own one larger eyeshadow palette and to be honest, it’s still a bit intimidating to have that many colors to choose from!

    • Not at all! Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big Morphe palettes but that’s because the quality is so good – what’s the point of loads of shades that don’t even have good quality payoff? x

  17. La Shell says:

    Voluminous used to be my favorite mascara but I’ve since switched to Maybelline’s Falsies. And yes I am a beauty blender lover, but I don’t play into the hype of all the idifferent colors. I have two pink ones that need replacing soon, so mayyyyybe I’d pick up a different color if it’s the same price. And well for Tarte, as a black woman…I’m not even commenting. Lol!

    • I love Maybelline Lash Sensational! It’s definitely my holy grail mascara that I always go back to. Yeah that’s why I love my Real Techniques sponges, they’re a bit cheaper in terms of replacing them when they get old. Haha, I don’t blame you! It’s ridiculous x

  18. I have never personally used any of these products, but I LOVE that you are not afraid to share what you don’t like or doesn’t work for you! So many times people only share what they love (or want to love) to make a sale. Thank you for being honest! 🙂

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! I just think honesty is so important, I’d never want to recommend a product to my readers unless I genuinely loved it and the same honesty goes to products I don’t like too xx

  19. Anti-haul.. that is actually a GREAT concept for a blog post! haha! Great post dear, thanks for sharing! <3 –

  20. Sophie says:

    Oh my goodness, first I love anti-haul posts and secondly I literally agree with you about every item!

    Great post! ❤️

  21. leslieleon says:

    I’m with you on the Too Faced palette! It just didn’t seem as great as some of the other palettes to me. It seems just very plain and not worth the money

  22. Alicia says:

    Preach to the tarte shape tape 🙌🏾 I’m really not interested in it, the £4 one from makeup revolution is so good I don’t need to spend that much money to have an excellent concealer x

  23. My mum used to always use a base mascara when she was doing her make up, and I never understood why because it honestly didn’t make a huge difference to how she looked, so it was something I never incorporated into my routine when I got into make-up! I totally agree about the Beauty Blenders too – I just don’t see the sense in splashing out for a sponge that you can easily get anywhere for half the price.

    Rachel //

  24. lifewithmrst says:

    You have mentioned quite a few products I have put on my anti haul list. I find too faced to be a brand I just will not buy from. I love seeing anti hauls, great post.

  25. Anu says:

    I got one of the Gigi X Maybelline lipsticks in my advent calendar and they are incredible creamy so I’d definitely recommend them! The palette doesn’t look that great though…. I’m actually not a huge fan of Too Faces at all, with all the drama that happened with the NikkieTutorials collaboration with the brand I just can’t be bothered. Xx

    Anu | Based On blog

  26. This is definitely an interesting post! It’s always best to not always praise a product, we are all different but with people looking towards other people’s views, this is a must. Thankfully I’ve never actually looked towards these products. I also agree with the Beauty Blenders, why do you need ten different colours!?

    Gemma |

  27. jazziepickles says:

    I’ve always found that TooFaced products just don’t appeal to me. Nothing they bring out excites me or inspires me 🙁

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