How I Do My Eyebrows Pain Free*

December 17, 2017

*AD – gifted: this post contains products that were gifted to me in exchange for a review

My eyebrows are something that I’ve had various nightmares with over the years. It all started with extreme over-plucking because I was worrying about them being too thick and busy when I was at school. I needn’t have bothered, it’s the trend now! I’ve since managed to grow my eyebrows back out and shape them a little better into something I’m happy with. However, there’s still the ordeal of plucking away the little stray hairs that appear in places I don’t want them to be. I could just let my eyebrows be natural but I always find myself going back to picking away at them, wanting them to be perfect. Plucking is something I always dread doing though, does it make anyone else sneeze?! I don’t know if that’s just me but I always end up with watering eyes even after years of doing it.

Recently, I was sent a little eyebrow tool by Instant Beauty Fix called The Brow Shaper*. I’d never really explored my options with different beauty tools before, I’d always just stuck to my regular tweezers. I was a little bit sceptical about trying something new, worried that I’d end up shaving half my eyebrow off like Georgia from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. However, I was so pleasantly surprised by this tool that I wanted to share my thoughts on it as it’s made my life so much easier.

All you do is place the end part of the shaper at a slight angle on the area you’d like to remove hair from and do short little strokes with minimal pressure. The hair comes away really easily and there is literally no pain whatsoever. It took a little bit of practice to be able to remove the hairs properly but once you’ve had a little practice, it’s so simple to do. Although it’s primarily for eyebrows, the tool is also really amazing for removing pesky upper lip hairs and peach fuzz.

The tool is made from stainless steel; it folds up small enough to be able to fit into your make-up bag which is an element that I really love, it’s super handy when you’re on the go. My skin is always quite sensitive after using tweezers and seems to stay bright red the day after plucking. Although the brow shaper still gave me a little bit of redness, I found that this went down so much faster so my skin is way less irritated. Something that I’m particularly impressed with is the price – you guys know I love a good bargain. The Brow Shaper only costs £7.49 and it lasts around three months so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. I was sent a black shaper but they also sell a pink version which I’m really tempted to buy when my black one goes blunt.

Instant Beauty Fix have so many other handy looking products on their website, if you’d like to have a browse then just click this link. Something I’ve had my eye on is a small palette that you slip onto the back of your hand, meaning that you can put make-up onto the tool rather than getting your hand messy. Another product I really like the look of is their beauty spatulas. You know when you’re coming to the end of your foundation bottle but there’s still loads of product stuck to the sides? These spatulas are designed to get all of that extra product out so that you’re not wasting any. I’d really recommend having a look on their website as there’s lots of really clever and affordable products available!

Would you consider trying out The Brow Shaper?

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24 responses to “How I Do My Eyebrows Pain Free*”

  1. Ooh this looks brill! I tried one of these a few months back from eBay but the blade was so blunt that it just didn’t do anything, I’d love to give it another go as I absolutely love the idea of the product! You’ve always got the best looking brows too which proves this must be fab!
    Alice Xx

    • At first I thought it wasn’t doing much but I just kept playing around with it, holding it at different angles until I got it to work with me. It’s such a little lifesaver! Aww thank you so much xx

  2. Covet Luxe says:

    Soo interesting! Didn’t know tools like this existed x

  3. Sophia says:

    Oh wow this tool seems exactly what I needed in my life! I’ll definitely have a look into it! Xx

    Sophia || Sophia’s Sphere || 🌺

  4. This looks like exactly what I need, my brows grow back so fast so having something handy like this in my bag will help me keep my brows on fleeeek

  5. How have I not heard of these amazing tools?!! And I had a similar experience with plucking (can’t blame it on the teens though lol), I kept plucking on a daily basis until one day I realised they were SO FAR APART 😂 I’ll have to check out their site as I like the sound of that spatula tool too!

  6. This reminds me of the Hollywood Browzer I recently tried! I was soo scared at first to use it but actually it works really well. Something like this definitely makes it a little easier to do your eyebrows. Also I love the range of products they do! I definitely need to check them out, seems like I can find other handy products.

    Gemma |

  7. theglassofclass says:

    The brow shaper looks amazing but knowing my skills I would probably get rid of half of my eyebrow haha I used to over-pluck as well and it’s such a pain to grow your eyebrows back! Great post <3

    Julia xx

    • I was so worried about that too! But it’s pretty forgiving if you accidentally slip as the blade isn’t too sharp and you have to have it at the right angle for it to remove any hairs. Thanks lovely! x

  8. Seen lots of great review about this! Much less painful than waxing!x

    Francesca | 🌿

  9. Anu says:

    I actually bought something similar to this but I don’t think it worked that well… Many people have said that they work amazingly though so maybe I should try this one instead! 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  10. Alicia says:

    This little device seems great and I’ve always wanted to use a razor like this but my eyebrow lady said to me to not use it because my hair will grow back thicker and tougher so that the next time I have them threaded it’ll be even more painful! Lool so now I’m too scared to try them but you’ve lowkey convinced me xx

  11. leslieleon says:

    Now this looks like a game changer! What a little useful tool to get those tiny hairs!

  12. Honestly thefavorite thing about this post was the sneezing because it makes me sneeze too! My boyfriend thinks I’m so weird literally I have a full blown cold while I do it! Deffo going to check this tool out, and the spatula I hate wasting foundation call me tight but I want my money worth… that and it always runs out half way through a face 😂

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