A Few of My Favourite Things: December 2017

December 13, 2017

I love a good favourites post but I’ve come to a realisation that I’ve actually never written my own favourites post. So, what better time to start than with a Winter themed favourites full of wonderful festivities?! Try saying that five times fast. I think these posts are a great way to get to know bloggers through the things they love and have helped me to discover some amazing beauty products as well. I’m thinking of doing these as monthly posts so let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d like to see on my blog in the future.

I could list my favourite foods forever when it comes to Winter time, there’s just so many incredible festive foods. One snack I’ve been a little bit obsessed over is salted caramel Matchmakers; I’ve loved the mint flavour Matchmakers for years and I love anything salted caramel so this combination got me very excited. They taste absolutely amazing and I wish I could just eat them forever. Another food I’m loving is soup, I always seem to reach for soup when it comes to Winter time because it warms me up and makes me feel cosy. The trick is to get the right soup, I like chunky soups that fill me up at lunchtime and see me through until the evening. I’ve been loving M&S soups at the moment as they’re really affordable but super yummy, my favourite at the moment is the spicy lentil flavour.

One of my favourite things about winter has got to be the festive drinks. I straight away know what my number one choice is and that’s fudge hot chocolate. Cadbury’s do a Highlights fudge flavour and the Starbucks ones are incredible too. I’m honestly obsessed, if I wasn’t trying to save money and be healthier then I’d be at Starbucks everyday buying multiple fudge hot chocolates. I’m also loving gingerbread lattes, chai lattes and peppermint tea.

Naturally, I’ve got to give Lush’s Snow Fairy a mention. This has been my favourite scent for years now, I’m such a sweet scent lover and to me this is the perfect smell. I’ve also really been loving the Snow’ella body mist, it’s not actually the kind of scent I’d usually go for but for some reason I adore it. I’m really bad at explaining smells but it’s quite a peppery, fruity scent. It doesn’t necessarily remind me of Winter but I still dig it and I’d wear it all year round, plus the packaging is adorable.

I’ve been loving this product basically since it came out so I just had to give it a mention. Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation has very quickly become my favourite foundation. It has a cushioned applicator which makes it so easy to apply rather than getting it all over your hands. The formula is everything I want in a foundation, it’s so lightweight on your face that you can’t feel you’re wearing it yet the coverage is still really great. I’d really recommend this foundation as it’s become my absolute go-to recently.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is obviously something I’ve got to mention here. I feel like I’ve talked about it a good few times by now, it’s my all-time favourite and I recommend it to absolutely everybody. If you haven’t seen it, definitely take the time to watch it. It’s the perfect movie for watching snuggled up in a blanket with festive treats. As for other favourite festive movies, little spoiler alert – I’ll be posting a ‘Top 10 Christmas Movies’ post on Christmas Eve so keep your eyes peeled! There’s going to be plenty of amazing films on there to give you ideas for what to watch on Christmas Eve.

This is a bit of a weird one as it’s not exactly festive but I’ve been loving iZombie on Netflix. The storyline involves a woman called Liv who is turned into a zombie at a boat party. She can survive fairly normally disguised as a regular human being but she has to keep eating human brains. If she doesn’t, she will be stuck in “full-on zombie mode” as she calls it. She works in a morgue in order to feed her unusual appetite and whatever brain she eats, she inhabits the personality traits of the deceased person. She uses this to help solve crimes which is her way of trying to do good despite being a zombie. I feel like this show is so underrated because I’ve never seen anyone mention it but my boyfriend and I have recently finished all 3 seasons. I love it so much; the characters are amazing, it’s hilarious, it’s incredibly tense at times and I need more seasons right away.

I also need to give The Sinner a mention, again not exactly festive but it’s on Netflix and I binge watched it in a day. It’s so gripping and keeps you guessing right until the end, I’d strongly recommend giving it a watch.

Those are my favourites for the month of December but I want to know what you’re loving this month! Pop a comment down below and let me know – do any of your favourites match mine?

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  1. Ooh yes Snow Fairy is the BEST. I can’t believe I left it till this year to buy some!! It’s such a gorgeous smell that I can’t get enough of. I’ve been loving the Rimmel foundation too but have been finding it’s been making my face a bit itchy recently which is odd!? I’ve also never had a fudge hot chocolate but with the way you go on about them I really want to try one now…
    Alice Xx

  2. theglassofclass says:

    I love Snow Fairy! Hot chocolates have been a regular part of my menu this year and I can’t complain, because they make me feel so cosy and happy. I love soups, but my favourite is the traditional tomato and basil one, can’t go wrong with that! Add a nice crusty roll to it and it’s one of my favourite meals.

    Julia xx

  3. Rebecca Allatt says:

    That mug 😍

  4. andthenzen says:

    I’ve actually never smelt Snow Fairy – Can you believe it?! 😩 My boyfriend and I went through a phase of absolutely loving iZombie, it’s such a good series and so addictive! 😍

  5. leslieleon says:

    I think I need to run out and get me a Starbucks now haha. Nightmare before Christmas was really my first Christmas movie for the season so I am right there with you!

  6. Yaay I love all of your favourites! NBC is a great film – I watch it every year at Halloween and at Christmas haha x

    Francesca | everythingchessie.co.uk 🌿

  7. JadeMayhead says:

    I love the mint matchmakers and really want to try the caramel ones, you’ve made me want to try them ever more now! I haven’t actually had any soup yet, but normally I am all over it!😩
    I’m lookong forward to your movie post!x

  8. Lauren Becker says:

    I know of people that watch iZombie. I really loved the comics and I WANT to watch the show. I just need to take time for it – I’ve seen a few episodes though and it’s great! I’m also a big fan of Nightmare Before Christmas! I need to watch that this holiday season.


  9. Kristi says:

    December is one of my favorite months as well, and the month I always associate with the beginning of winter for some reason. I, too, look forward to holiday drinks (my favorite is the peppermint mocha at Starbucks!) and I always enjoy re-watching all the Christmas movies, even the cheesy ones on Netflix! Another thing I love to do in December is get my holiday coloring book out–I usually color with a holiday movie on in the background! And I don’t know what caramel matchmakers are, but now I want to try them! LOL! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Peppermint mochas are sooooo yummy. Cheesy films are the best kind at Christmas! Haha. Colouring makes me feel so tense because I’m worried about being neat, I wish I found it relaxing! You have to try them, they’re so good. You too, thanks for your lovely comment x

  10. La Shell says:

    I see so many people talking about these bathbombs but I’ve never tried them. They always look so fancy! Also! I love Starbucks white chocolate mocha!

  11. Elle says:

    Cadburys!! I didn’t know that Cadbury’s do a Highlights fudge flavour ( ゚Д゚) We can’t get Cadbury’s here in Japan (that I am aware of). I really miss it. And I miss my Cadbury’s selection boxes from Santa! 🎅

  12. Amy says:

    Starbucks fudge hot chocolate is my absolute favourite! I love matchmakers too, they’re the perfect Christmas chocolate!! X

  13. Covet Luxe says:

    Snow fairy is hands down one of my favourite scents, ever!!! I need it in perfume form x

  14. OMG based on your picks I totally want to hang out with you! we have like the exact same taste! haha!

  15. Carley says:

    My husband and his step mom absolutely love the Nightmare Before Christmas. They watch it every year and I have never been able to find the “magic” in it. I guess I’m the weird one because it seems like everyone loves it but me.

  16. Emily Isobelle Jane says:

    I Love that you put snow fairy on here! Its my favorite too and I always stock up this time of year! Im also obsessed with m and s soup and your picture of the Starbucks actually made me hungry :’)

    Emily xx

  17. Anu says:

    I love all the Starbucks drinks! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to have any of the festive ones as it takes over two hours to get to the nearest Starbucks… Hopefully they’ll still be available when I get to visit 🙂 x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  18. Meg says:

    Good choices! all some of my faves too! xx

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