The Bloggers Recognition Award 2017

The Rules

The Bloggers Recognition Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. It’s a wonderful way to show that there are other bloggers who enjoy and appreciate your hard work! If you have been nominated and choose to accept the award you must follow these rules.

• Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
• Write a post to show the award.
• Give a brief story of how your blog started.
• Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
• Nominate 15 other bloggers you want to pass this award to.
• Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

A massive thank you to the gorgeous Alicia for nominating me for this award, she’s an absolute sweetheart. She’s always supporting my work and I love reading and commenting on her content too. Please check her blog out if you haven’t already, her website is all kitted out with Autumnal vibes which is well worth a look! Plus she blogs about beauty, lifestyle and fashion so there’s a little bit of everything.

The Story of How My Blog Started

I’ve actually only been blogging since May of this year so I’m around the six month mark now. I really wanted a hobby that I could actually stick to because I’d tried various different things and just ended bored of them. I love writing, photography and make-up so I decided to combine all of those things into a blog. I used Twitter to start engaging with other bloggers and slowly learnt my way through with the help of others. There’s been times where I’ve wanted to give up or thought it was too much extra work along with having a full-time job. However, I’ve committed to it and I am really enjoying it. My boyfriend is always the first to read my new posts, supports everything I do and helps me to come up with new ideas which I’m so thankful for because it motivates to keep on blogging. I’ve also met some really amazing people since I started blogging that I like to call my ‘Blogger Babes.’ I’d consider them close friends and they’re always so supportive of me, plus it’s inspiring to read their content and be proud of how well they’re all doing too.

My Advice for New Bloggers

1. Probably the most important piece of advice I can give is not to force yourself to do anything you don’t enjoy. If you start blogging and realise it’s not for you, that’s completely okay and you’ll find your own thing. If you’re finding it too stressful to try and keep to a schedule, be easy on yourself and only post when you’re really passionate about what you’re writing about. If you get offered brand work that you’re not really too struck on, it’s okay to say no. Don’t do anything that you don’t really want to do, just follow your heart.

2. I also think it’s super important to support other bloggers and engage with them. I’ve met some amazing friends through blogging just by putting myself out there and trying to make friends. I spend a lot of my time just reading other peoples’ blogs and showing my support; whether that’s through commenting, liking, retweeting, sharing, anything like that. I think it’s really important to spread the love because if we appreciate receiving it on our own content, imagine how much you could make somebody else’s day as well.

My Nominees:

1. Abbie – This lovely lady is one of the reasons I started my blog. We went to the same university and I noticed via Twitter that Abbie had started a blog so I started reading. I love everything she posts and her blog is a big range of things – beauty, lifestyle, fashion, baking, mental health, travel – you’ll definitely find something you love. She also has a YouTube channel and I’m loving her ‘car chat’ videos at the moment, they’re the perfect videos to watch chilled out with a cup of tea.

2. Lily – I absolutely love Lily’s blog, she always posts the yummiest recipes and her photography is always immaculate. I really look up to Lily because she’s so motivating and is doing so well with her blog. Plus, she’s currently on a fitness journey that she logs via Instagram which is really motivating for me as I’m trying to get fit and healthy myself so it’s nice to follow someone on a similar journey.

3. Jade – Jade is one of the loveliest and most hilarious people I’ve ever met, plus she’s always incredibly supportive. Jade mainly posts about lifestyle and beauty, she’s recently done the ‘100 Days of Make-Up Challenge’ which includes some really creative looks! If you’re looking for affordable make-up that brings fabulous results, Jade will have you sorted because she always recommends affordable drugstore products which are right up my street.

4. Ronnie – Ronnie runs a beauty blog and her reviews are honestly my favourite. They’re always so honest and really in-depth so it really helps you to decide whether or not a product is worth buying. She’s super sweet and her make-up always completely slays the game as well, I have mega envy. Her reviews contain a mix of drugstore as well as high-end products which is great as there’s something for everyone.

5. Kate – For a start, Kate is just ridiculously stunning. She has lots of make-up posts where she reviews affordable brands such as Primark’s beauty range which is a really interesting read, I’d definitely check it out if I were you. She also posts about more personal issues dealing with mental health, Kate has shared some very personal stories that are really eye-opening. Her blog is a great platform to make people feel less alone if they’re suffering with any mental health issues and I really look up to her for that.

6. Alice – She’s my favourite little glam goth and she shares the best name in the world, haha. I love Alice’s style and the creative make-up looks she posts are just amazing. She also recently won a competition where she had to design her own bath bomb which she called ‘Dead Cute.’ It’s chocolate raspberry scented and covered in glitter, what more could you want? She also features her little pug, Nacho in some of her blog photography – it’s a must see, trust me. This girl inspires me daily, she goes through so much yet she always produces the most wonderful content and is so supportive.

7. Beth – She’s a photographer, blogger, journalism student and music reviewer and she does it all fabulously. Her blog is super Autumnal and it’s basically my favourite thing. Beth mainly blogs about lifestyle, beauty and fashion – her content is always completely honest and endearing which I love. Plus her Autumnal fashion posts are absolute outfit goals, go and take a peek.

8. Lola – First of all, this girl is hilarious – her silly selfies and videos in the group chat never fail to have me in stitches. She’s super kind and hard-working, I definitely look up to her. She blogs about travel, lifestyle and food and I just love reading about all of her adventures. My favourite posts are the food ones, naturally. She always has me feeling so hungry afterwards. There’s some really amazing restaurant reviews so if you’re looking for new places to eat, Lola’s blog is where you should look.

9. Rachel – Rachel primarily posts about personal things and general life, I love how down to earth she is and reading her posts feels like a friend chatting to you. I’ve followed Rachel on Twitter for ages now and she has often sent me little supportive messages and bits of advice, she’s one of the loveliest people in the blogging community. Plus, she has an amazing sense of style and some amazing outfit photos.

10. Amy – I think Amy is probably one of the first blogs I started religiously reading as a blogger. She was basically blog goals to me and still is; her photography is impeccable, her writing is informative as well as hilarious, her reviews are always so helpful and she posts the most stunning make-up looks. Her post and tweets always make me giggle and she’s also super lovely to talk to. She’s also a redhead and has lots of freckles which I’m very envious about as I’ve always wanted both things.

11. Andi – I got to know Andi and her blog a little better through a blog pod I joined. I’m so glad because her blog quickly became one of my favourites. She blogs about anything and everything, there’s lots of beauty posts as well as chatty posts about life or her favourite Netflix series’. I love a blog that’s really versatile and Andi’s blog is a perfect example of that. Her comments on my posts are always so supportive as well, they always make me smile and motivate me to keep getting more content out there.

12. Emily – Emily’s blog is another really versatile one; there’s posts about fashion, food and lifestyle as well as her own ‘Motivational Monday’ series. I always look forward to these posts as she gives some really great advice, somehow she always seems to write something that I needed to hear at that time. She’s really great at boosting people’s confidence both in these posts and in her comments to other people which is something that I aspire to do.

13. Julia – Julia’s blog is mainly beauty and lifestyle, I’m loving her more personal posts at the moment as they make such lovely reads. She recently wrote a post called ‘What My Long-Term Relationship Has Taught Me’ that made me giggle at the familiarity of it, her writing is so relatable as well as endearing. She’s an absolute sweetheart and her blog deserves so much love!

14. Chessie – Okay, first of all you need to drop everything and check out her ‘Bonfire Night Cake’ recipe. It looks and sounds like the most delicious thing! I absolutely love Chessie’s blog, again she posts about a lot of different things but whatever she writes about, her photography to go along with it is always amazing. I love following along with Chessie’s life through her blog posts, especially her travelling posts to places like Edinburgh and France. They make me want to drop everything and go there too!

15. Gemma – Last but not least, the lovely Gemma. She reviews lots of lovely beauty products that are always super useful and honest, they really help to figure out whether or not a product is worth spending the money on. She also reviews books, I don’t actually read a lot of books but I always seem to love Gemma’s book reviews. She’s talked about a lot of mystery-type books which is my favourite genre so it’s a great way to find something to read. She also sets herself monthly goals which is something I’d like to do on my blog, it’s such a great idea.

Massive love to all of the bloggers that I’ve included in this award, you’re all absolutely amazing. There’s dozens of other blogs I could’ve added to the list as well, there’s just so many talented people within the blogging community. I hope that you enjoyed my little story of how my blog started and that my advice has helped anyone who’s just starting out. The blogging community can be a really lovely place; no, it isn’t perfect by any means but I choose to focus on being positive and not pay attention to the drama. Sending love to you all!


  1. November 13, 2017 / 3:06 am

    I loved your post. I have nominated your blog. I enjoy your style and good vibes 🙂

  2. November 26, 2017 / 12:04 am

    I have only just seen this post! You’re so sweet! I am so happy we have all managed to create this close group of friends! Thankyou Alice, you’re such a babe💋💓

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