A Week in Cornwall: Sun, Sand & Souvenir Shops

August 7, 2017

I am back! I’ve been very inactive over the past week as I’ve been on holiday with my boyfriend and his family. I thought I’d write a post about all the places we visited to give you some ideas of where to go if you’re thinking of visiting or just want to see what I got up to. If you’ve been to any of these places too, please share your stories in the comments!

We drove down super early on a Saturday morning and by early I mean we set off by about 4am. Although this might sound painfully early, I’d actually really recommend it because it means you get an extra day to make the most of and you miss all the traffic. Plus, I don’t know if it’s just me but it makes it all the more exciting when you’re up really early to go on holiday. Pack some coffee in a flask and your favourite snacks, get a playlist of holiday tunes on the go and enjoy the journey!

We stayed in a caravan park called Mullion Holiday Park ran by Parkdean. We actually ended up getting there before our caravan was ready but the people on the front desk said we were still welcome to use their on-site facilities so we went exploring. Across most caravan parks the facilities are pretty similar – we found an arcade and a clubhouse but there was also a crazy golf course and even a Costa which was obviously the dream for me! I spent way too much money in the arcade throughout the week but I’ve discovered that I have a skill for winning the toys in the claw machines. The clubhouse is great for evening entertainment especially if you have children with you but there were the standard bingo & quiz nights for adults too. We visited the on-site swimming pool on one of the rainier days as they’ve got a heated outdoor pool which was really useful as it gives you something to do even when the weather isn’t so great. There was also a chip shop and their chicken nuggets were amazing, obviously nuggets are always worth a mention.

I’d strongly suggest having a car if you’re visiting Cornwall as there’s so many different beautiful places that are all within an hour’s drive. The first place we visited was Newquay, we were blessed with some lovely sunny weather the first time we went so we spent the day on the beach. I’d bought an inflatable doughnut float from Primark as I’d decided I just really needed one which made for a comfy sunbathing seat. My boyfriend and I went for a dip in the sea and we found some rockier places along the side of the beach as well which would be great for exploring and trying to find sea creatures. When we visited Newquay the second time we were greeted with rain as soon as we got onto the beach so we decided to go and explore the town instead. There were plenty of souvenir and sweet shops as well as some high street shops such as Boots, New Look and Poundland. There’s also a little patch of grass with benches where you can admire the sea and the view is just gorgeous.

Another place that we visited was Falmouth which has such a large range of shops and is perfect if you’re looking for souveniers. There were also a lot of independent clothing stores and charity shops which are my favourites because you can get some absolute bargains. One shop sold Hufflepuff t-shirts which I was super happy about as I can only ever find Gryffindor and Slytherin ones. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name of the shop but if you’re ever visiting Falmouth and you’re a Harry Potter fan, keep an eye out! Falmouth is also well-known for hosting food and beer festivals, we didn’t visit on the day of a festival but if you search online in advance these could be well worth a visit.

The last place we drove to was St Ives which was probably my favourite out of the three towns. As soon as we got there I was amazed by how blue the sea was which already won me over as I love a good view. The main town is walking distance from the beach as well so it was really easy to spend time on the beach and explore the shops all in one day. There are quite a lot of steep hills but the walking is worth it as there are so many lovely little tea rooms and bakeries. We also found a Cath Kidston and a Ted Baker that both had big sales on so I had to restrain myself from going in and buying everything pretty. On our last full day the sun was beaming so we went back here a second time and it’s so perfect on a hot day. It’s just like being abroad but without the flights and I’ve got the sunburn to prove it (don’t forget your sun cream, kids).

I loved my week in Cornwall so much, it was so refreshing to have time away from work as well as my phone. I think it’s important to take a break from social media every once in a while. I sort of wish I had taken more photos but I rarely got my phone out because I was just enjoying the moment. I’d definitely recommend giving Cornwall a visit and I’d love to go back and explore some more.

What adventures have you been on recently?

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  1. Covet Luxe says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time, it is always nice to have a break from everyday life.
    I used to go to Cornwall so much as a kid but haven’t been in years. This makes me want to go there, maybe next year! x

  2. Cornwall is by far the best place to go for a get away in the UK! So glad you had a wonderful time, I have so many fabulous memories all around the places you went! I’d definitely recommend Mevagissey next time you go 🙂
    Alice Xx

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