‘Look Incredible’ Beauty Box Review: June 2017

June 22, 2017

I recently subscribed to Look Incredible, a monthly beauty box priced at £25 including delivery. They also do a more expensive deluxe box for £35. At first I thought this was a little pricey compared to the likes of subscriptions such as Birchbox but when I received my first LI box last month, I realised why. You get such amazing value for your money – my first box worked out to be worth almost £100 and every single product was something I would use, whereas I found that with cheaper boxes I would only actually want to use one or two products. Every product you receive from Look Incredible is full sized as well, so absolutely no tiny sample sizes which is another great thing as you can get proper use out of everything. So, without further ado here is my review for my June box.

Stila Major Major Lash Mascara – £15

Mascara is so hit and miss for me, I’ve currently found my holy grail mascara and I’m very unlikely to stray from it. Still, it’s always good to try out new products which is why beauty boxes are so great and this one doesn’t disappoint. This gives my eyelashes so much volume and depending on how dramatic of a look you’re going for, you can keep building it up to really make your eyes stand out. Unfortunately, the application wand is really bulky and thick so it’s hard to get all of your eyelashes without making a mess – I’m a clumsy person so I need something with a little more precision. I also find that the product flakes off and transfers under my eyes throughout the day especially if it’s hot, which isn’t the best look. It’s a shame because the formula is really nice going on but it just doesn’t have that lasting power and I’m still sticking with my holy grail, I haven’t been convinced to stray this time around.

Coastal Scents Sleek Silhouette Palette – £22

I was pretty excited to see this in the box as I’ve never owned a contour palette but it’s something I’ve been wanting to try out. I haven’t actually gotten around to using this on my face yet as I’ve not been wearing much make-up recently due to the warm, muggy weather. However, I’m really looking forward to using this. You get 9 shades in this palette; three contour shades, three highlighters and three blushers. I don’t see me using the deep plum coloured blush as I’m quite pale so I think it’ll be too harsh on my skin, I tend to go for light peach shades but the other two seem ideal for this. Same with the contour shades, the darkest one seems a little too dark for my skin personally but I’m excited to play around and see what I can achieve with them. The highlighters are all stunning, they have just the right amount of shimmer without becoming too glittery and there’s a matte one too for a really natural glow. From swatching each shade, the pigment is really impressive and easily buildable depending on how dramatic of a look you want. I can’t wait to get around to using this!

Essie Nail Polish in ‘Steel-ing the Scene’ – £7.99

I have to admit that I usually love receiving nail polishes and Essie are one of my favourite brands but this isn’t a colour I’d usually go for. It’s a silvery metallic shade with a slight green tone to it – although it’s not a colour I’d choose myself, it’s nice to have as part of my collection to give me some more options and I think it could actually look really nice with a glittery top coat.

Roc Soothing and Repairing Balm – £7.99

Being honest, initially I was a little bit ‘meh’ about seeing an after sun in my box as I see it as more of a needed product than a beauty item as such. Thankfully I haven’t been sunburnt yet so I just used this as a moisturiser and I think I was a bit quick to judge in the beginning. It leaves my skin feeling super soft; my skin can get really sensitive especially after shaving and this really helps to stop any soreness so I think for sunburn it would be ideal. My skin feels so hydrated after applying this even on areas such as my elbows and knees, so if by some slim chance we do get anymore sunny weather in the UK I can count on this to stop my skin from becoming dry and sore. One thing I will say is that it’s quite pricey compared to other after sun’s and it’s not something I’d go out and buy, I’d stick to cheaper drugstore brands as they’ve always done their job for me but this is a nice treat.

BellaPiere Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lip Creme in ‘Coral Stone’ – £20

This has got to be my favourite product in this month’s box. I’d been hoping for a new lip product to add to my make-up bag and this definitely didn’t disappoint. I’m in love with the colour, it’s the perfect nude pink and is so versatile as it brings together so many different make-up looks. It’s called ‘kiss proof’ and it’s not wrong, the staying power is so amazing that it was actually a little tricky to remove at the end of the day. This has a matte finish – a lot of matte lip products dry my lips out like crazy but I didn’t get this at all with this product. The only flaw I found was that the formula can be a little difficult to apply, after applying a coat it seemed to dry a little patchy on my bottom lip for some reason but I added a second coat and this covered up any flaws. Also, this smells gorgeous! It reminds me of strawberries and cream, can’t go wrong there.

Overall, I’m loving this month’s box – I definitely preferred the first box I received but this one still didn’t disappoint and I’m able to try out some things that I probably wouldn’t usually go for. I get so excited to receive Look Incredible boxes each month, I’d definitely recommend them.

Let me know what you think of the products in this month’s box – what are you loving or not loving?

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