Morphe 35O Palette: Review & Swatches

May 24, 2017

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’ve been waiting for absolutely ages to get my hands on the Morphe 35O palette. Everyone has been talking about it for months, Morphe’s PR team have definitely been busy as they have teamed up with loads of YouTubers and have become quickly well-known for their affordable, amazingly pigmented products. I was slightly skeptical as to whether all of these amazing reviews were genuine or paid for so I couldn’t wait to see if this palette would really live up to its hype. I signed up on both Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty as they are both UK websites that stock Morphe palettes and I wanted to save on shipping. A couple of months passed with no luck so I bit the bullet and paid the extra money for shipping on the original Morphe Brushes website as I just wanted my hands on the palette. The actual palette cost $22.99 which I think is great value for money considering the amount of colours inside. The palette consists of 35 colours, most of them orange/brown toned and consisting of a mixture of shimmery and matte tones. They also have a 350S (just shimmers) and 350M (just mattes) palette if you prefer one or the other and they also sell the two as a bundled pair for $43.99.

The shipping was really fast, it didn’t take any longer than a couple of weeks coming all the way from America to the UK and it arrived in perfect condition. The palette came in a cardboard box filled with bubble wrap and then the actual palette was layered with bubble wrap too to ensure no damage. It also came with a bubble wrap wallet which I’ve kept as it will come in handy if I’m travelling as there’s less risk of me damaging it. The actual plastic casing of the palette is quite flimsy, it admittedly isn’t the best quality but it is really thin so it would be fairly easy to travel around with as there’s no real bulk to it. You don’t get a mirror or an application brush included but I wasn’t bothered by this. The lack of mirror means I’ll feel less uneasy travelling with it as it can’t smash and I use Spectrum Brushes for doing eye make-up so an included brush wasn’t missed.

The palette consists of a mixture of matte and shimmery finishes. I love how many options this palette provides; I was looking for something a little brighter to use on my eyes without going overboard and some of the vibrant oranges in the palette are ideal for this. There are plenty of neutral shades as well if you want a more natural look as well as lighter white-based colours that are perfect for highlighting your brow bone and inner corner.

Without further ado, here are my swatches of each shade.

Row 1

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe first row primarily features the palette’s lightest shades, starting with an extremely light matte white which makes a perfect base colour, bringing in a more shimmery champagne colour with the third shade that is amazing as an inner corner highlighter and then some brighter oranges that are amazing for a sunset type look. The colour on the far right is one of my favourites, a gorgeous terracotta shade which is looks so nice in the crease.

Row 2

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The second row along again has some lighter shades that make great bases or transition shades. There are some light golden browns which I think are great when you want a more neutral look but still want a little something. There’s also a really deep brown colour that would help to make a great smoky brown eye.

Row 3

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The next row include another two of my favourite shades – the last two swatches. The shimmery colour has absolutely insane pigment, if you wet your brush with setting spray or some water and then dip into this and pack it on your eye, it acts as a foil-type eyeshadow and just looks stunning. The last deep orange is another great crease shade that really pops and brings attention to your eyes.

Row 4

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The next row are all different browns that can be built up and blended together to create an amazing smoky effect or can also just be used as a simple all over colour for something that’s quick and easy but still super pretty.

Row 5

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Right, this last row contains by far my absolute favourite colour within the palette. It’s what originally attracted me to buy it – the very last shade. It’s a shimmery, deep copper colour that again can be used almost as a foil eyeshadow and the pigmentation is out of this world.

As you can see, the pigmentation varies depending on the colour – I’ve found that some of the more shimmery shades are insanely pigmented and a lot creamier whereas the matte ones are slightly less so but are definitely build-able to get the finish you want. They’re all incredibly easy to blend and as I said before, there’s so many different looks you can get out of just one palette.

Have you ever tried a Morphe palette?

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16 responses to “Morphe 35O Palette: Review & Swatches”

  1. Chelsea says:

    This looks like a great palette! I love that it has neutral shades! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So glad you’re pleased with this palette! It’s pretty impressive that it made the transatlantic journey in perfect condition, too.

    I’d love to see a ‘one palette, x ways’ post!


    • Alice says:

      Exactly what I thought, I had read that some people had problems so I was worried but mine was perfect! Thank you so much, I have a couple of looks on my Instagram but I definitely want to do a proper blog post ☺️ xx

  3. okay firstly this palette is amazing like the burnt orange colours and all the different sunset-y shades!!! DEFO MY FAVES!! Also i love how detailed your review was with swatches really does help give a good idea of the product! Amazing post!

  4. Your swatches are fab! I’ve wanted to get my hands on this palette for a while now – I’ve heard so many good things – and after reading this review I want it all the more!

    Great post & lovely photography!

    Charlene McElhinney

  5. Isabel says:

    That is a LOT of shades for one palette isn’t it, so much for your money. You’re much braver than me, I’m always so scared of buying things from abroad in case it goes wrong!

  6. Wow what gorgeous autumnal colours! This is lovely and impressive that it got to you in such perfect condition! <3

  7. I loved this blog post because it’s such in depth and definitely helps me decide if I want to get it! I haven’t owned any morphe palettes but I’ve heard they’re really popular and as you say popular with youtubers and bloggers too! This is definitely one of the faves that I want to get because it has exactly the shades that suit my eye colour and skin tone! Lovely in depth review 😊Xx

  8. Jade Mayhead says:

    Such a great review, really enjoyed reading this. I would love to see a post on different looks to I have created – Not sure whether you have made one or not?🙂Xo

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