A Look Inside the World’s Biggest Primark*

April 11, 2019

*AD – gifted: all experiences in this event were gifted I’ve been such a huge Primark fan for so many years; when it was announced last year that they would be building the world’s biggest Primark (totalling 140 square feet) in Birmingham, I was absolutely over the moon and had been patiently awaiting its grand opening ever since. A few weeks ago, I was invited…

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Tips On Buying Concealer

April 10, 2019

Today’s post is written by an external author that I’m featuring on my blog as there’s some super helpful tips here! Concealer is one of my must-have products, it’s such a lifesaver for me as I have constantly dark under-eye circles. I hope you find this post as useful as I have. Make-up choices online today cover every type of cosmetic product available. And, with…

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How To Have A Stubble-Free, Smooth Summer*

April 9, 2019

*AD – gifted: this post contains products that were gifted to me in exchange for a review The one thing I really hate spending money on is razors. I know it’s awful but I can’t be the only one that’s used the same blade for way longer than they’re meant to, even when it’s clearly gone blunt. Razors just seem to be one of those…

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5 Ways I Deal With Hay Fever*

April 8, 2019

*AD – gifted: products marked with * were gifted to me in exchange for a review A runny nose, itchy eyes, a persistent cough and feeling fatigued; it can only mean one thing, it’s hay fever season. If you suffer from hay fever, you’ll know that feeling of looking forward to the warmer weather whilst simultaneously dreading it because you know what’s coming. Beautiful flowers…

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Kyoto, Japan Day Two: Monkey Park & Tenryuji Temple

April 5, 2019

For those of you that may not have read my previous Japan posts, if you’d like to follow my trip from the beginning then please click here. We started off in Osaka where we spent the first three days of our trip and then moved onto Kyoto; after a busy first day there, here’s what we got up to on day two. We got up…

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5 Steps for Better, Clearer Skin

April 1, 2019

Today I’m bringing you a post written by an external author that has really helped me combat some recent skin issues I’ve been having. If you’re oily like me, you’ll know how it can be a nightmare once the weather starts getting warmer. Here are some useful tips! We can spend as much time as we like making sure our clothes and hair are on…

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5 Spec-tacular Make-Up Tips for Glasses Wearers*

March 30, 2019

*AD – gifted: this post contains products that were gifted to me in exchange for a review Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to wear glasses. Not that I’m wishing bad eyesight for myself, that would be silly and I can imagine it’s a lot different when you have to wear them as opposed to it being a fashion choice. Nevertheless,…

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